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  • Jay Jay Mar 14, 2010 5:17 PM Flag

    For next year....

    Already thinking of how to run my leauge for next year. Keep hearing people talk about "dynasty" leauges. What exactly is a "dynasty leauge"??

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    • Dynasty leagues are the best by far in my opinion and the only type I will participate in! In our league we have a prospect list with 3 draft rounds each year. Picks and prospects can and are included in trades! It is way better too because you build your team and have that same team for the next year instead of building a team in a regular keeper league and then dropping most of your players at the end of the year and only keeping a certain #! Might as well just drop them all cause in my mind it is the supporting cast that gets dropped in leagues that makes or breaks your team. Anyways everyone has their own opinion and this is mine but I say if you are going to start a league make it a Dynasty...way more fun! If you are looking for very active Managers I am very interested...just shoot me an email and I would like to build a team in your league and can answer any questions you might have in regards to a Dynasty league! canukjoe@yahoo.com

    • everyone keeps all their players at year end...you set up a prospect draft after the NHL...maybe 2 rounds...some dynasty leagues had a prospect roster


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