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  • craig craig Feb 7, 2010 1:49 PM Flag

    Capitals Dirtiest Team in Hockey

    Can anyone explain to me how they can get away with having a knee on Crosby's back after pushing him into the crease? What's even more bewildering is the stupidity of NBC's broadcasting crew (always pinned against the Pens) saying that it is NOT a dirty play. Olczyk is still angry that he was cut by the Pens how many years ago??? If Ovechkin can't handle the heat that Crosby brings to every game they play, he should learn how to win battles on the scoreboard, not by starting fights after he gets scored on. Any bets on how many more the Pens will put up on these cheap pieces of dirt in the third?

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    • i dont know if you play defense or hockey
      but when someone goes near the crease you beat them up.
      the end

    • stop living in denial....caps & pens are both teams full of girls...nonstop whining girly-men, just like their fans

    • Caps are a dirty team. With Ovie leading the way but hes allowed because he's a star. No respect for a guy who lays a dirty hit and when that player goes after him another player steps in. Its gutless

    • Capitals dirtiest team lmao. Try Philly. Richards, Hartnell, Carcillo. Or even your Penguins. Cooke, Orpik and even Malkin.
      Malkin is a baby just like Cindy, when he gets hit he retaliates like a girl. One thing im starting to dislike in NHL is when clean hits are delivered and fights break out after. Suck it up take it like a man. Hockey is the only sport not considering fighting sports like Boxing or MMA that you are allowed to fight in with criminal charges not resulting and we have so many babies. Go play soccer if you are going to cry like a girl boohoo .

    • Oh Ovechkin can handle Cindy's pressure. When Cindy gets interfered with he cries. When Ovechkin gets interfered with he becomes a beast. I laugh at people who think Crosby is better than Ovechkin. I would say they are pretty close to equal, but considering Ovechkin is more of a man I would say he has the slight advantage in my books. lol lol lol

    • this post made me laugh.. ur a joke

    • Crosby fan = Yes
      Ovechin fan = Yes

      I'm from Nova Scotia and go to university with 2 of Crosby's best friends, Nathan Welton and Mike Chaisson. Am I a fan of Crosby? Of course, I am proud to have grown up in the province where he is from and wish him a lot of success. Do I relish in the fact that they grew up playing with him? Definitely, it's pretty damn cool. Crosby has drive and certainly has a lot more than me and is already way more successful than I will ever be. Does he whine? Sure, 99.9% of the league whines and looks for calls.

      But I am also a fan of Ovechin. I mean we are the same height but he weighs 35 pounds more than I do, and I'm not huge but I am also not tiny. He is a raw scorer who can hit, always fun to watch. Though he can be reckless at times, I do think he will win a cup and hope he does so in the next 2-3 years.

      My point is that this is what hockey, and sport, is all about. The raw skill and rivalries. I cheer for both because I love the sport and these 2 players, in my opinion, are clearly the best in the world right now.

      You guys need to relax. I'm Canadian and was ecstatic to see the USA win the World Juniors this year. Canada was a bunch of complacent players who thought they won the tournament before it even started. The Americans showed true heart and grit throughout the tournament and truly deserved to win.

      Leave your biases aside and cheer for the love of the sport.

    • When will the NHL learn you cannot placate dirt players
      like Ovech and dirty teams like the Caps
      what will Ovech do when he cant cheap shot a player
      or attempt to injure one in the Olympics??? guess
      he will wait for March to become a great player again!!!

    • no it didnt

    • im glad we dont bitch like this in DC

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