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  • Tyler Tyler Feb 1, 2010 6:41 PM Flag

    Do You people Know anything about hockey ?

    This is a very arrogant post. As long as people aren't asking the same questions over and over (i.e. why isn't *person x* on the IR????) I don't mind.

    This is a DISCUSSION forum. People can discuss whether they think a certain player will improve or decline in the 2nd half or really anything else. Nobody knows the future, so it's sometimes hard to predict what a player will do, especially one outside your home area.

    Obviously questions like: should I drop Malkin? are worthless, but there are people who are just discovering the awesomeness of hockey that need a bit of confirmation of their decisions. And sometimes it's not so cut and dry. For instance, in a shallow league if someone said "should I drop Rob Blake," you might say yes, but he's typically been a stud fantasy defender. But in shallow leagues there's almost guaranteed to be someone performing better out there.

    So, like I said. Very arrogant post. Let people ask their questions as long as the answers are opinions and couldn't be found by searching old posts. It's harmless to you, and really helps people out there.

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    • Excellent reply, especially liked the part about new players/followers to the game! We sometimes need to be reminded that not all here are hardcore hockey nuts!!

    • You make a valid point, but those people are the minority. At least 50% of the people around here are here on a daily basis asking "Who wins this trade?" for the 8,000th time. These "trade-a-holics" are insufferable and clog up the whole system for people with legitimate questions and issues.

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      • I agree with a lot of people who keep asking what are your so-called "IMPORTANT" questions/posts for these message boards? "please put this guy on the IR"? "What is the meaning of life"? seriously, the posts you call 'stupid', the trade/which player is better questions are exactly what these boards are for. A lot of people just want different opinions/more feedback. Re-assurance, even.


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