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  • Fingers Fingers Feb 1, 2010 7:16 AM Flag

    Brian Burke Is A Retard

    Calagary totally ripped off the Leafs. Phaneuf is dumb as a post, he can't move the puck ( he can shoot it though but everyteam is on to his shot and they simply take the shot away). Burke just gave up 40% of the leafs scoring for a guy who's strongest quality is open ice hits. This guy is a sinking ship. Leafs lose this deal BIG TIME!!!
    I do like the deal with the Ducks. Blake is a candy ass who can't carry the play.
    I dont see much "re-building" from Burke. His first few deals were a waste of skin giving up draft picks for over the hill super stars ( joke) like Brad May and Jamal Meyers ( where is he now. Atleast we coulda still had the pick).

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    • he got a star d-man for a bag of pucks....sounds good to me

    • the Gigure deal is a joke 7 million for a goalie on the back nine when Toskala deal I believe is up at the end of the year plus he still has to sign Gusto for maybe 4-5 million a year. I love it being a B's fan thanks Burke you buffoon

    • Maybe he was clearing up some cap spavce for someone bigger on his mind... Phaneuf is good but then again Hagman and White were key players this year

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      • Having followed the situation closely I think the point is truly being missed here.

        What did Burke really give up for Phaneuf, Sjostrom, and Aulie?

        Hagman, and that is it.

        You think theo ther players really meant anything in the deal? If you answered yes, you're mistaken.

        Burke doesn't care that you feel these guys are secondary scorers, all Burke cares about is that these guys (excluding Hagman) were expiring contracts he didn't want to lose for nothing.

        He wasn't going to re-sign Stajan or Mayers, and hadn't even thought of talking to Ian White about a new contract yet.

        Phaneuf at about 50%-70% of his potential is still equal to Ian White, who is playing at the best he ever will it seems.

        Yes, the 6.5 mil cap hit is tough to take...but just how do you expect the Leafs to improve if they had let all these guys walk away for nothing? Aulie is a decent player with a great pedigree.

        These 2 trades are genius, and he has nothing to lose taking a chance on Phaneuf, or by letting the Marlies kids play the rest of this season. Mayers wanted out, White was a pending RFA, and Stajan really is nothing that can't be replaced (and frankly he was already replaced by Bozak).

        Anybody who truly thinks this deal is stupid hasn't sat down and looked at the salary cap and the future of these contracts at all.

    • Hey dude cheer up......... Just think of it this way, the maple leafs will still suck as much as the did before...................go pens

    • both teams get what they need. calgary needed to spread the load and the leafs want to load up their first defence pair and first two forward lines. if aullie becomes an everyday nhler then leafs wint his

    • Ya i think the leafs got ripped off in that trade becz there offense isnt so strong and they gave 40% of it away...but i do like the deal they made with the Ducks

    • to Sharp above w referance to WJ tourny's past...

      yes Aullie played a role, but I wouldnt say pivitol. that being said Phaneuf played as equally as important role in his WJ tourny. You cant base how good a player is on his Junior play, please dont turn into another Pierre Mcquire...and even if you could, look at how well Dion is now.

      No, his best days arent behind him or at least i hope not considering he's 24+ but that being said the best player involved was White, then Stajan then Phanuef. Burke's really taking a gamble on this one by signing another meat and potatoes defensemen like he did in the summer and look how those ones turned out....

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      • I just cannot agree that White was the best player in the deal. He has played solid for the Leafs in the past couple of years, but Phaneuf has true star potential and White does not. Dion can be the type of player that teams will be afraid to play against, hopefully like Scott Stevens. Plus he has that canon built for the powerplay.
        Back to Aulie, I just believe that he is going to be huge one day(no pun intended). He also has potential to be a great shutdown defensemen.
        So the Leafs aquired two potential stars for four 2nd and 3rd liners. If it works out for Burke than this discussion will be laughable in a few years. Risks need to be taken to take a team out of the cellar. You can build slowly through drafting, or you can shoot for the moon like Burke. Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I just hope he didn't miss.

        Long Live Burke

    • Don't see how Calgary ripped off the Leafs. Leafs gave up some decent players, but who have most likely reached their potential. Two were UFA's and one was an RFA as well.

      In Phaneuf, they gain a potential star and #1 defenceman. Sure he has regressed a bit the past few years, but is only 24 and has time to improve. If you think he peaked at 22 when he was a Norris finalist, you are mistaken, as he isn't even close to his prime.

    • The Calgary trade was even in my opinion. I'm a Nucks fan so I go no bias (@#$% TO and @#$% the Flamers equally). Leafs gave up offensive depth (what calgary needs) and White for Phanuef (not as good as his fans say, not as bad as everyone else thinks) a prospect and a PKer. The Ducks trade was a HUGE mistake though. I know fans in Ontario love to ignore the West (good hockey threatens them) but Giguere is a @#$%ing hack. Think Toskala but more expensive and french canadian. He was only good because he had Niedermayer/Pronger (not Kaberle/Phanuef) on his blueline, and pads as big as Paul Kariya. He will never repeat his vezina year. ever.

    • You guy's are crazy!! the best thing we gave up was white! i would trade white for pheneuf any day!
      calgary loses bigtime in this trade especially next year!!

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