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  • Daniel H Daniel H Jan 28, 2010 8:19 PM Flag


    Ovechkin is the BEST fantasy value player by far in this day and age. Take a look, look at his +\- shots on goal, goals, assists, points, ppp; he is the greatest fantasy player and arguably the best player in the game today! Saying Ovechkin having 10 shots means he should score? Shots do not dictate whether or not a player should be getting goals, scoring chances should be used, there is a BIG difference. For fantasy purposes I will ask you..... who else has a chance of getting 10 shots in a game... the list is very short and nobody more likely then Ovechkin will get 10 shots per game. Before making moronic statements please consider this. Lets take ovechkins games played (359) and total goals (253) and add it up,
    253 / 369 = 0.685. He scores an average of 68.5% goals per game! Find someone with better numbers then that please? He is a superstar, he is a goal scoring machine. Dont cry because he didnt score in one game, chances are he will score in the next one.

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    • Once again....

      I wasnt referring to fantasy wise...

      & i wasnt saying ovie wasnt good.

      I was trying to pointout to the people that think ovie is GOD that washington is not a one man team. and Ovie is not God.

      God wouldve scored. Thata all i was saying.

      Ovie is a good player..... how many times to i have to repeat myself?


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