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  • Ramz Ramz Jan 24, 2010 12:39 PM Flag

    Need help with Goalie stats

    I have this issue with my match up. I'm need someones help to tell me where I went wrong or if Yahoo is. Okay with me shut out from Anderson his SV% is .980 and with Dwayne Roloson his SV% is .903 both have 60 shots. They equal .940 same with my GAA is 1.72. I'm losing both of them to my friend who's best SV% is only .960 and his other is .870. He Has 21 more shots for me but for his crappier SV% goaltender. So how does the ratio work for his favour?

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    • It's not about the total shots. It's th total shots for each goalie which will determine the real SV%. If one goalie had 20 shots against and an 870 SV% and the other goalie had a .960 with 85 shots against the total is going to be a lot closer to .960 then it is to .870.

      I am going to assume you are one of the many who don't understand a thing about math so I won't hold it against you and I expect that you have no idea what I just said anyway. Again, I won't hold it against you but I don't know how to explain it more clearly then that.


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