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  • Joe Joe Jan 8, 2010 4:36 PM Flag


    TWO 5-peats in what the last decade and a half compared to 1 single gold in the last 36+ years for the US.....pathetic! Not only our men but our women kick your asses too! It is your attitudes and ignorance towards others that makes the rest of the world dislike USA and the idiots that live there! Pull your heads out of your asses and wake up! Oh and see you in Vancouver where you will need nothing short of a miracle...

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    • Just goes to show you that you can't ignore mental illness. Besides the American gene pool is far beyond being over stressed. Go back to retardville you damn yankee.

    • Oh, how I love it when the Canucks get their panties in a wad and start comparing hockey and politics in the same argument.

      Since all of you Canuckleheads seem to have such short memories, let me just remind you all that in '06 in Turin, your mighty Team Canada finished SEVENTH, right behind.....

      ......oh, wait for it.....

      ........SWITZERLAND! Yep, good 'ol Switzerland. The land of Heidi, fine wristwatches, little pocketknives, pacifists, and bruising forechecks. Sure, you beat us by one slot, but, then again, YOU LOST TO SWITZERLAND!!

      Oh, I never get tired of that one. Good thing we were there for you too, or you would have ended up sandwiched between the hockey powerhouses of Kazakhstan and Switzerland......


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