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  • Snizz-A-Lot Snizz-A-Lot Jan 7, 2010 7:50 PM Flag


    dear james o,

    keep your cock in your pants. one OT win and you're on top of the world. 75% of the US had no idea the tournament was goin' on. let's get serious here; it's time to wake up.


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    • Wow so true I was in vegas watching this game, and more people cheer when Canada score the tying goal than when the American scored the winning Goal. It was Also insanely impossible to get the score for the Canada vs swiss game......All espn would play is football highlights for hours.....:S

      Next time I travel I'm bringing my laptop.

    • The American Played a really good game. They won the game as the should have, You can't go down 5-3 and expect to win a game.
      Canada got lucky on NYE letting in 3 short handed goal and still winning, is kinda lucky and skills.

      After saying all of this, people tend to forget that the bulk of eligible Canadian jr players are playing in the NHL, aka Tavares, Duchene, O'Reilly to name a few.

      Would the Canadian have blown out the Americans if they had all their NHL players......yes they would have. Did they do it at the world jr this year, No.


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