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  • ChristopherG ChristopherG Dec 10, 2009 1:05 AM Flag

    i dont get it....

    this is my team:
    Pavel Datsyuk
    (Det - C)
    Joe Pavelski
    (SJ - C,RW)
    Thomas Vanek
    (Buf - LW)
    Wojtek Wolski
    (Col - LW)
    Jamie Langenbrunner
    (NJ - RW)
    Marian Hossa
    (Chi - RW)
    Nicklas Lidstrom
    (Det - D)
    Bryan McCabe
    (Fla - D)
    Stephane Robidas
    (Dal - D)
    Rob Blake
    (SJ - D)
    Danny Briere
    (Phi - C,RW)
    Stephen Weiss
    (Fla - C)
    Vaclav Prospal
    (NYR - LW)


    Martin Brodeur
    (NJ - G)
    Jonas Hiller
    (Anh - G)
    Kari Lehtonen
    (Atl - G)

    now, i dont see how this team can be doing badly. im 10 out of 12 in my leage. maybe i dont understand fantasy mechanics (first timer here), but i expected much better results with a team of this caliber.

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    • and put lehtonen on IR, and pick up Steve Mason, Rask, or Boucher.

    • yeah, that's what I was trying to say.
      first-place guys forwards have played *65 games* more than yours. mystery solved. if you start managing your games, that will bite him on the ass in march.

      and for PIMs...if Carle doesn't produce, plug in Carkner for a while. the guy's a fight every other night.
      konopka would do it too, but you don't want to give up C scoring.

    • you dont have any stand outs other than Dats and Brodeur (but thats ok because you whole team is solid), so just play the matchups in Roto, and watch FA. I did Roto last year for my first year and started the same way, but once I caught on to the system I dominated....do H2H next year, its more fun.

    • Look at the games played. The first place team has played 40!!! more games than you have at C RW and LW. He is well in the plus you are well in the minus. You need to catch up by stategically playing your third forwards at each position. And he will have to stop playing guys at some point. Lots of time. The second place team was also in the plus.

      Repeat: You need to catch up to zero. That will help. When they run out of games that will help. Do not give up.

    • http://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/229247
      thats the league. i mean, i love hockey, and some of the top teams' players are guys ive never heard of.

    • I don't really find your team all that "Awesome". For a ten team league you're really lacking some superstars.

      Those are just to name a few. I don't see any of em on your team. That means all your opponents were smart enough to grab them.

      You have Datsyuk and Hossa. So out of the top 10 for each position theres 30 players. You have two of em. You should have atleast 2-4 more to actually have a decent looking team for the size of pool you're in. Not to mention goalies and Defensemen
      You have one dman that I would have put in the top ten going into the draft. Theres so many others that were well known sleepers that you missed out on too.
      Goalies, Brodeur. The rest garbage.

      Basically I'd chalk it up to being new. You're opponents not only got more of the stars, but they got all the sleepers (good and bad). You have a very mediocre team. I wouldn't even rate that good in a deeper league

      I don't mean to come off like a jerk, just giving my honest opinion

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      • neither of our top 2 teams have any of those players, for the record. aside from getzlaf on the #2 team.

      • i very much appreciate it. i totally understand that there's a learning curve, and that the message boards are here for a bit of help in that regard. but the thing is, being an auto-draft league, how would such a thing happen?
        i dont claim to know the mechanics of the draft system, but i would expect that the "top ten players" as you said it would be distributed randomly (or some equivalency) among the managers.
        we were given a chance to rank players for the draft, and i did. i only got datsyuk and hossa from all the players i ranked as "desired."--> this is pretty much my team as i got it aside from a couple changes due to IR or DTD changes.

    • i have almost half of the players you do and im also sitting in 10th place out of 12

    • roto is pretty easy to troubleshoot.
      don't look at players so much, look at your categories rankings.
      then you can target stats to improve on.
      and no, don't drop datsyuk.

    • here's why...datsyuk and vanek haven't gotten off to the start they normally due - haven't put up their expected pts (i know, i own datsyuk). hossa's only been back for a couple of weeks (give him some time coming off of shoulder surgery.

      and depending on your league and what counts as stats, your goaltending isn't terrible, but its not great either and goaltending stats can make or break your team/season.

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      • i've had datsyuk from day one (he's one of my favorite players), and i'd hate to see him go. but i might have to, given his recent performance--or lack of.
        uhm, my goalies aren't bad. i mean, brodeur is really solid...and i doubt i could find a decent replacement for hiller without trading, which im afraid of tbh. and lehtonen is due back late december, i just picked him up off the free players for another IR out for the season.
        i also have had hossa from the start, but on my bench, because i knew he would be coming back and was hoping for a good show by him.
        so to sum up, i ought to drop datsyuk? i cant imagine finding a better hopeful on the free players list....

    • roto or H2H?


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