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  • BREAKRZ BREAKRZ Dec 10, 2009 10:22 AM Flag

    Boring leagues.

    u need to make a money league with buddies.

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    • Quizzical's advice: Join private leagues. Yes they run the risk of cheaters but they are more active. If it works out make sure the commissioner keeps your email for next season. (I think Yahoo does that now for the commissioner anyway.)

      I have been playing this game for several years and am now in four leagues that I am happy with. It didn't happen overnight.

      When joining a private league I always made sure that the draft was at least a couple of weeks in the future. That gave me a chance to ensure I was happy with the categories and also a chance to make predraft comments to see how active the league might be.

      For example if I didn't like a category or I wanted to add a category, I'd post. Whether I won the debate or not didn't matter. I had an idea of league activity.

      If I didn't like what I saw I could drop out. You cannot drop out after the draft.

      Bottom line: You have to work at getting into good leagues when you don't know any of the people.

    • agreed. we play for 250 bucks a person. that makes the league go. there is action daily and always trades being offered as when first prize is 2500 bucks you'll try to do whatever you can to catch up or stay ahead of the game. top 3 pay out too so that even to get your money back at 3rd is a goal.


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