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  • Adam Adam Dec 9, 2009 7:41 PM Flag

    Boring leagues.

    Anyone in a league that has absolutely nothing going on? No trades no messages. trades tay up for dayys. My league aint too fun

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    • why not all of us bored people start our own league together????

    • thats public leagues for you. especially roto leagues...usually havent done it before, dont know the players, and give up on it cause its not as fun as football unless you actually take a minute to look ahead in the week. H2H gives you a reason to check your team at least once a week on sundays when the matchups change.

    • People in my leaugue are retarded. The only guy that will trade wants rediculous trades like he offered me Miller and Stamkos for Kane, Perry, Semin and Huet. I hate leagues like that

    • u need to make a money league with buddies.

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      • Quizzical's advice: Join private leagues. Yes they run the risk of cheaters but they are more active. If it works out make sure the commissioner keeps your email for next season. (I think Yahoo does that now for the commissioner anyway.)

        I have been playing this game for several years and am now in four leagues that I am happy with. It didn't happen overnight.

        When joining a private league I always made sure that the draft was at least a couple of weeks in the future. That gave me a chance to ensure I was happy with the categories and also a chance to make predraft comments to see how active the league might be.

        For example if I didn't like a category or I wanted to add a category, I'd post. Whether I won the debate or not didn't matter. I had an idea of league activity.

        If I didn't like what I saw I could drop out. You cannot drop out after the draft.

        Bottom line: You have to work at getting into good leagues when you don't know any of the people.

      • agreed. we play for 250 bucks a person. that makes the league go. there is action daily and always trades being offered as when first prize is 2500 bucks you'll try to do whatever you can to catch up or stay ahead of the game. top 3 pay out too so that even to get your money back at 3rd is a goal.

    • same with 3 of my 4 leagues... im 8th outta 12 in one and my goaltending sucks but when i try to deal i offer deals that i consider fair Getzlaf and Chara for Edler and Lundqvist was one..i think im actually loseing on that deal but i needed goaltending so they guy counters with Getzlaf Patrick Kane Chara for Edler Vrbata and Lundqvist...i was like dude i was giveing you a deal already now your asking for 2 of my best players ....and in 2 other lg's no1 even bothers lookin at my offers

    • same with my league. it pisses me off. they never respond to emails what so ever. i just ask if they may be interested to talk trades and they just ignore it

    • Ditto - I am in several public leagues, and every trade I propose is never answered, countered or rejected.....just hangs out there with no response at all.

      Also, why is it the managers who don't care have some of the best players and will not look at their teams or answer trade proposals.

    • thats my league. it's impossible to make any trades because they always think their player is jesus!

      while I make offeres to help me and the other person.

      right now I have a bunch of playmakers and I'm producing more assist than I need every week but I'm never making nearly enough goals...so I try to find someone in the same problem but with snipers.

      I'll offer one of my play makers for another managers snipers and they always re-offer something very stupid that wold f**k me sooo much...so it's impossible to make fair even trades...I have yet to make a trade in my league...


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