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  • I have had some interesting debates in the past couple weeks and a lot of hockey fans get something extra to be excited about this year. It's coming down to the time for national hockey programs to get their lineups together for the olympics.

    Being Canadian I will list my Team Canada roster and invite anyone to provide their input or subsequent rosters. I am not as aware of all the American potential but I know there are definitely some great players and would like to hear some input on who you think should be on Team USA. Anyway, Here is my Team Canada lineup.

    Center - Crosby, Getzlaf, Thornton, M.Richards
    Left Wing - Marleau, Nash, Heatley, , Morrow
    Right Wing - Iginla, Perry, St Louis, Doan

    And magic number 13 ...J.Carter

    D- Pronger, Weber, Keith, Boyle, Seabrook, Bouwmeester
    G - easy...Brodeur, Luongo,Fleury

    I considered some of these guys based on past experience and representation as well as current production. There is also the option to put a 7th defenseman instead of 13 forwards. I tried to work around different line pairings and they all look ridiculous so the order they are in is the line they are on. What do you think? Who's in? Who's out? and where do they play?

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    • Correction Phaneuf

    • As good as Keith is playing he won't make it. Seabrook and Boumeester are also out. Weber, Neidermayer, Green are in

    • vinny lecav might get a spot just cause who he is, and stamkos is makin it know he can play too. Its really too bad the roster is like 25. Canada could make two teams and prolly win gold and silver lmao

    • Lines

      Nash-Crosby-St Louis

      Crosby and Nash would be a perfect offensive pair for Canada
      st louis Does not work on any other any line so auto on crosby line. Heatley and Thorton are on the same team and Having two snipers (Heatley and Iginla) with one of the best centers in game is a good choice. Getzlaf and perry are on the same team so that works and Marleau works as the LW on the line. Doan richards and doan are all gritty players so that works. This is just my opinion.

      Also possible D pairs

      Pronger-neidmayer should be on the team
      Weber-Green power play unit

    • Just trying to show some love for the Slovaks and Fins

      Team Slovakia




      Team Finland

      M. Koivu-O. Jokinen-Selanne
      T. Ruutu-S. Koivu-J. Jokinen



    • I envision Team USA looking something like this:

      L1 - Parise / Stastny / Kane
      L2 - vanRiemsdyk / Connolly / Kessel
      L3 - Malone / Pavelski / Ryan
      L4 - Brown / Kesler / Okposo

      D1 - Rafalski / E. Johnson
      D2 - Whitney / Bogosian
      D3 - Goliogoski / Suter

      G- Miller, Thomas, Anderson

      Drury and Gomez make the team, too, and Gionta, Stafford, Backes, Wheeler, Dubinsky, J. Blake, Booth, Mueller, Byfuglien, Callahan, Carle, J. Johnson, and Wisiniewski all have a shot, as well.

    • I am Canadian and life is hockey. On youre Canadian team you dont have a good checking line( Milan Lucic) for example but I do think Brodeur is the best goalie around and will steal a game from Russia for the Gold.

      Go Canada Go

      Jube from Earlton, Northern, Ontario

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      • Soooo, Lucic would play on his own? I agree that a guy like Lucic brings energy to the team and maybe he gets on as the number 13 guy but I don't see him getting in the top 12. And if we talk about checking lines, all of these guys are incredible checkers they just happen to have the skill to go with it. Iginla, Nash, Morrow, Doan, Thornton, Carter, Richards are all great checkers. (I know Thornton has been criticized for it but he has traditionally played a checking role in international comp).

        And I certainly hope it doesn't come down to Brodeur stealing the gold from Russia. But maybe it would be healthy revenge for Bryzgalov stealing the gold from us last year

      • Jube again I think Phaneuf should be on there also

    • yea definitely those guys are all good on the PP but green brings another offensive element to the table that these other guys dont have, he is unreal on the PP. and again, late in a game if Canada happens to be losing (hopefuly doesnt have) green suddenly becomes most important d man

    • This is totally what I want to see doubt it will happen though.

      Team C




      Team USA


      Miller,Thomas, Quick

      Team Russia


      Nabokov, Bryzgalov-Varlamov

      Team Sweden



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      • There is no way Price makes the team. He barely makes the list of top 10 Canadian goalies.

      • I like your thinking. I think Smyth definitely has a right to be there and maybe gets in there instead of Morrow on my list. For Stamkos, as much as he has played his heart out I'm not sure he gets the chance but I think it could be a toss up between him M.Richards, and J.Carter. I definitely don't think he takes Perry's spot in the lineup. As much as Perry might be an a-hole with a bad attitude, I think he is pretty close to the epitome of what Yzerman wants on this team.

        As for Team USA I didn't know Kesler was American. And I think Rolston gets in that lineup somewhere.

      • First off I'll try to fill in your question marks.

        The russians will probably fill their forwards with Kozlov, but I can't think of another russian defenseman either.

        I would think Sweden will have Ohlund on D for sure, and Holmstrom on forward. Also I don't think you can rule out Berglund on the Blues as an outside chance.

        As for the Americans, Ryan Malone will be there almost guarenteed. And isn't Bobby Ryan american? If he is I think he'll get the nod as well. Also Komisarek should get a long look, especially because he's on the Leafs, same goes for Blake if he gets hot.

        Now here's my full roster for Canada:

        Nash - Crosby - Iginla
        E. Staal - Getzlaf - Perry
        Heatley - Thornton - St. Louis
        Morrow - M. Richards - Doan

        13th - Smyth - Because I think the 13th should be a guy with experience and a guy who can enter the lineup on either the 4th line or the 1st line with equal success.

        Neidermayer - Pronger
        Bouwmeester - Keith
        Weber - Boyle

        7th - Regehr - Same reason as above. I'd rather have someone step in who has been there before and who won't hurt defensively. That's why it isn't Phaneuf or Green.

        Brodeur - Luongo - Fleury

        So there it is. I tried to stay away from centres playing wing, as you can see I just have Staal in that position. The forward lines are made primarily due to chemistry among NHL teammates. As for the defense, the pairs are supposed to each have one skating puckhandler, and one checker with a heavy shot.

    • I'd like to see Stamkos on the team and Doughty if you want to inject some young talent.

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