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  • I like your thinking. I think Smyth definitely has a right to be there and maybe gets in there instead of Morrow on my list. For Stamkos, as much as he has played his heart out I'm not sure he gets the chance but I think it could be a toss up between him M.Richards, and J.Carter. I definitely don't think he takes Perry's spot in the lineup. As much as Perry might be an a-hole with a bad attitude, I think he is pretty close to the epitome of what Yzerman wants on this team.

    As for Team USA I didn't know Kesler was American. And I think Rolston gets in that lineup somewhere.

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    • Ya I agree perry and marleua are gonna be tough to cut so it will probably be at the expence of stamkos. Although if they take st louis i think stamkos will be there too. I was taking a shot in the dark at the other teams. I forgot about a bunch of guys. Thanks for letting me know who were some other players. Bobby Ryan will be there and some other guys too I forgot about.


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