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  • Brendan Brendan Nov 28, 2009 4:12 AM Flag

    Team Canada, USA

    First off I'll try to fill in your question marks.

    The russians will probably fill their forwards with Kozlov, but I can't think of another russian defenseman either.

    I would think Sweden will have Ohlund on D for sure, and Holmstrom on forward. Also I don't think you can rule out Berglund on the Blues as an outside chance.

    As for the Americans, Ryan Malone will be there almost guarenteed. And isn't Bobby Ryan american? If he is I think he'll get the nod as well. Also Komisarek should get a long look, especially because he's on the Leafs, same goes for Blake if he gets hot.

    Now here's my full roster for Canada:

    Nash - Crosby - Iginla
    E. Staal - Getzlaf - Perry
    Heatley - Thornton - St. Louis
    Morrow - M. Richards - Doan

    13th - Smyth - Because I think the 13th should be a guy with experience and a guy who can enter the lineup on either the 4th line or the 1st line with equal success.

    Neidermayer - Pronger
    Bouwmeester - Keith
    Weber - Boyle

    7th - Regehr - Same reason as above. I'd rather have someone step in who has been there before and who won't hurt defensively. That's why it isn't Phaneuf or Green.

    Brodeur - Luongo - Fleury

    So there it is. I tried to stay away from centres playing wing, as you can see I just have Staal in that position. The forward lines are made primarily due to chemistry among NHL teammates. As for the defense, the pairs are supposed to each have one skating puckhandler, and one checker with a heavy shot.


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