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  • Cole Cole Nov 19, 2009 12:29 PM Flag

    Commisioner Veto

    Alright I am the commissioner in a 20 team h2h league. I have set the vetos to be ruled by the commissioner due to alot of vetos and complaints throughout the year that weren't justified.

    Yesterday I made a trade and everyone is up in arms calling for a veto.

    Regular scoring categories regular amount of guys starting at each position.

    I traded to a guy who was rolling with 1 goalie and losing all goalie categories the last 2 weeks cause he couldn't make minimum starts.

    I get
    Ovechkin,Sharp and Josh Georges

    I give
    M.Richards, R. Whitney, S. Gagner and Gustavsson.

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    • yes its a veto I traded ovie for Zetty, Bryz and I forgot the 3rd player but I was a steal for me. This trade is not even close its a veto.

    • I am not hurting at LW if the trade gets put back through as I also have neal and heatley but he came asking for a goalie and OVI was the only guy i was intersted on his team I went for it. I would have no problem putting this deal back as I feel I gave up quite a bit for him and would still be very competitive with richards being a complete player and gagner coming into his own in his 3rd year. Gustavsson is going through some struggles but has had some real good starts and will inevitably be their number one as toskala is garbage. Whitney is alot better than georges and in a 4-3 trade he adds depth to his team in a 20 team league with no attractive FA's I don't mind this trade either way but definately like having ovechkin on my team.

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      • I see no reason for a veto. you helped a guy out by filling his multiple hurting positions and you got a great player for that. did you win...of course by a land slide he could have made a better deal somewhere else... definitely but as long as he is happy I don't think you should reset them. But if you wanna keep all the managers in your team happy well then you better reset them.

    • Also it is a money league, 10$ each manager, and I don't want guys to feel they are getting cheated or have no chance at winning. The thing is as it is H2H we have all expereinced having a great team and losing the occassional weekly matchups meaning no one is gauranteed a victory.

    • Any Ideas on how to handle this. As of right now I put the trade through. And posted a message saying if there is anyone who feels this trade is a form of me cheating or unfair to post a message and reasoning for vetoing and if I get more than 6 I will reset the rosters how they were before the trade.

    • Bad trade for Ovie guy, but veto here is whiners who wish they had pulled the deal

    • Thats a horrible trade. Ovie should demand one of the top three goalies in the league along with a top forward.
      You NEVER trade Ovie because there is no equal to him

    • lol

      i traded for ovi earlier in the season

      i gave up carter, hartnell and boyes

      why dont you give him toskola ...lol
      onviously it should be veto'd!!!


    • Ya that is one sided. As for goalie start. gustavsson isnt #1 in toronto yet, so even with him he still may be missing the required starts

    • The guy needs help with goaltending and you trade him Gustavsson for Ovechkin?

      Sharp/Gorges for Whitney/Gagner is basically a wash with a slight edge for Whitney/Gagner.

      So the real trade is Ovechkin for M. Richards/Gustavsson. The trade would be fine if it were for Richards and a goalie like Bryzgalov or Quick, but Gustavsson? No way.

      I would definitely be calling for a veto.

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      • Why do people veto? Are you protecting the integrity of the league? Are you protecting the moron who makes a bad trade? Are you jealous that somebody worked harder at getting a deal done?

        It was a 20 team league. The guy was losing goalie categories. Mike Richards is not that bad a player. He also gets a goalie that will get him the necessary starts to prevent him from losing categories for nothing.

        On top of that maybe he was working to make trades with other owners and this was the best he could do.

        There is absolutely no reason to veto this trade.


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