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  • TWolf TWolf Nov 2, 2009 9:14 PM Flag

    keep underperforming stars or dump for hot free agents?

    what are your philosophies on who to keep or dump?
    i have never played fantasy sports before. Right now i am 6th in a 12 team league, and i have several high ranked players that are sucking so far. should i dump them for players who are hot right now, or hold on to them and hope the stars perform like they should?

    im talking about players like derek roy, Brad Boyes
    ?Alex Kovalev and jason blake.

    the free agents available are people like: tomas Plekanec, Mike Fisher, Sam Gagner

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    • What kind of legaue is it H2H, Roto, Points ???

      In the long haul sticking with your star players works out the best. All players go thru streaks and slumps but the star players have limited slumps. Its along season and what I've seen year ater year are the guys trying to guess at whioch players is hot etc.. rarely finish near the top.

      One league I am in right now an owner has made 41 changes already and is in 5th place, I've made 2 changes and I am ahead of him. the best players and stars will come out ahead by the end of the year.

      I never dump my star players. Also remember the Yhaoo ranks are based on the previous year's performance. Many injured players from last year and ranked lower then they should have been.

    • 6th at this point of the season is no reason to worry.
      general philosophy is patience with stars, and don't dump value to chase the flavor of the month.
      but you have to take it case by case.
      I wouldn't dump roy or boyes.
      kovalev is always a headache.
      see if you can sell blake to a loyal leafs fan. ;-)

    • what i usually do is just pick up people who are hot and drop a bench guy. you will wind up with 60 moves by the end of the year but it works. but don't drop your big name players yes they aren't performing now but they will eventually and when they do you want them on your team. (of course my strategy only works when you have unlimited moves)

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      • thanks! i do have unlimited moves. and have made a bunch already. these "stars" are my bench right now. i already dumped some middle plyers for some players on a hot streak.

        here is my lineup for this week:
        C ?John Tavares
        C ?Derek Roy
        LW ?Ryan Smyth
        LW ?Tuomo Ruutu
        RW ?Jarome Iginla
        RW ?Mikael Samuelsson
        W ?Matt Moulson
        F ?Rich Peverley
        D ?Dan Boyle
        D ?Stephane Robidas
        D ?Cam Barker
        Util ?Jason Blake
        BN ?Brad Boyes
        BN ?Alex Kovalev
        BN ?Brent Seabrook


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