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  • Jeff Jeff Oct 26, 2009 3:26 PM Flag

    YAHOO: Put Gonchar on IR NOW!!!

    Ya, I got him in about all my pools too and am just as frustrated as the rest of you. Like someone wrote, every point counts, every game counts. I do private pools with no max games and I'm losing lots of opportunity to start other another D-man I could have picked up now. I've been emailing them back and forth for about 3 days now and I keep getting the same generic emails back, it's really annoying. Every odd email though will include one sentence or paragraph relevant to my question or concern though, but still no IR for Gonchar. That link to NHL.com looks good where it says he was placed on the IR...but every other site doesn't say IR specifically whereas they do for other players on those sites, and since he's back practicing already, I'm assuming he's not going to be going on the IR at all!


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    • exactly... im in a private pool... with a cash prize too.

      so having a bench warmer while other people are getting points sucks.

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      • That's the gamble you take playing in a private pool with cash prizes. If its all about money you should drop Gonchar and pick up anouther D man - sounds likes its your fault you are losing points not Yahoo's.

        Its not up to Yahoo to worry about people using their free system to play for cash. Its free and they do a great job. Plus I still fail to see how one player could make that much of a difference, especially a defenseman.

    • With all the whining and complaining, how much has anybody lost because Gonchar has not been placed on IR. I have him in one league and a replacement D would get me ... what? 40 points or 1-2 points a week. This past week I won goals anyway and I lost by 3 assists so not likely that i would have got enough. I tied with plus/minus so that could have gone either way. The other categories were impossible to change. so at most I lost one point.

      And again what is the end result? I might miss the playoffs because of that lost point. That's the worst that happens folks. And if I have a team that is borderline playoffs - then my team really wasn't all that good to start with.


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