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  • im new to fantasy games so if i have a bench player that has a game tonight should i replace him with one of my other players that doesnt have a game tonight so that i can get points or does it not work like that

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    • If your league has a maximum number of games played, then putting in a bench player who plays will count as a game played. So unless you think the player you're replacing him with will have a worse game, or won't play, you probably shouldn't do it. If the league does not have such a restriction, then go for it - it's a great way to rack up additional points.

    • I would say no.

      I'm also new, so maybe I misunderstood... but from what I know, you only have so many games, 164 for each forward position, for example, which is just enough for two players from the same position to each play 82 games.

      As soon as you go over the 164 game limit, you don't get credit for any new stats.

      So if you switch in your bench players when your starters don't have games, you're essentially using up your starters games on your back-ups.

      I don't know if that makes sense... it's a confusing topic to explain. But as far as I know, that's how things work.

    • yes, make the switch. you can bench ovechkin for a night that he doesnt play (for example), throw in your backup, and then adjust your lineup for the next day to put ovie back in. you can scroll ahead and set up your lineup for weeks in advance if you want, making sure you never have a benched player playing while an active one is not.


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