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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 20, 2009 12:47 AM Flag

    Stop the dumb a** postings

    Does anyone else feel the same way?

    People seriously have to start making some decisions for themselves and stop asking dumba** questions on here.
    For example:

    "who should I start? dustin penner or dany heatley. I benched penner and he had a great game and heatley did nothing, should I bench heatley from now on?"

    Cmon people. Obviously noone can actually predict the outcomes of these games. If you think your mediocre player might have a better game than your superstar then play him. Don't come here and ask for that kind of advice cuz everyone will tell you the same thing. Play your superstar!!!!

    Or "Should I drop Jonathan Toews for Andy MacDonald? Toews hasn't done much so far so...blah blah blah." NO!!!!!

    And for the record, trading Ovechkin is NEVER the smart thing to do. Cuz noone would be stupid enough to offer anything that would be worth trading him for. And if they are, then it's gonna get vetoed anyway so shut up.

    Also, yahoo stats might not be insant. Stop freaking out! We all are probably seeing the same thing you are when a goalie doesn't get credited with a win right away or daniel sedin is not immediately put on IR. RELAX!! No one here can do anything about it so stop posting ridiculous questions.

    Just had to get that off my mind, I know there are more things that bug me about these postings but just wanted to know what you guys think.

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