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  • pacesetters pacesetters Oct 20, 2009 5:09 PM Flag

    Stop the dumb a** postings

    Very good post. I feel if people just did a simple search. Most of those questions we like to call silly would never be posted. That would leave room for the more of the intelligent questions. I personally dont agree that no question is a dumb question. I can still have fun playing and also stop teaching that any question is a good question. What ever happened to learning things from trial and error? It does get old reading the same questions in post after post. Please look for your answer first then post if you feel you need to. I dont think theres anything wrong with what im saying, do you?

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    • No. I do agree with you. And it's mostly the posts that are posted after a trade has happened and they headline who wins this trade. And when someone or many people say that the person lost the trade they go off and call everyone stupid for saying they lost the trade. Mostly, I can take people's criticism of my post and other people should be courteous in doing the same. Accept it or don't post because that is when it becomes a stupid question.

      Just my opinion

    • agreed...simple research would eliminate some of dumb questions, opening up space for more legitimate questions and conversation.


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