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  • Moomêdic Moomêdic Oct 20, 2009 1:09 AM Flag

    Stop the dumb a** postings

    LOL,ever hear of anger management??...this is yahoo posts afterall,its the same year after year but whats funny is you to run and rant like you did...I had to laugh so ty lol,..its just as bad as someone asking do I trade Del Zotto for Souray...thats what sites are for and stats if you are unsure who to play I suggest you figure out how to judge and read whos hot and who's not but as for the rant about ppl unsure of what to do it was priceless,remember this is "fantasy land" not like many are gonna listen yet pay attention to posts on here...but your's takes the cake and I suggest you look into some anger classes,,

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    • Serious, dont read any of it if it gets you mad

      You're telling people not to put stupid posts cause it's obvious, yet you're here trying to give advice about not trading ovie and such.

      All these things are trivial and people get unsure, so they ask to get some input

      No one's forcing you to read any of it

    • I guess I came off angry in this post but I didn't meant to sound more sarcastic than anything. Either way, I understand that it's just fantasy and there are kids in fantasy leagues but they are of no concern in this post.

      Anyway, it was meant to be funny not angry but maybe it was a little too strong.

      I read another one last night where someone traded ovechkin for rick nash. what a dumb a**!


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