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  • yar yar Oct 7, 2009 9:44 PM Flag

    Minimum goalie games and stupid drafting

    So, is anyone else completely sick of drafting properly and then getting bombarded with retarded trades from people who didn`t think it important to draft goalies?

    I mean, Jesus Christ, one of my H2H leagues has 3 minimum goalie games and 18 teams, so obviously a lot of folks are going to cry. But now that I have 4 startingish goalies (4 of my first 7 draft rounds), I'm getting bombarded with crap from people who seem to think that because Jonas Hiller is rated 153th overall or some such nonsense that I should be more than happy to trade him for some hack like Alex Tanguay (73rd overall).

    Yes, I know Hiller may not end up being the starter -- but just why exactly do people who are going to end up regularly forfeiting a ton of goalie categories think they're offering me a great deal when they offer some lame deal that marginally upgrades one of my positions but bails their stupid ass out to make them competitive across six categories? Am I the only one not getting this? Is anybody who is smart enough to draft goalies stupid enough to fall for this shit?

    And naturally, these folks will also be the type to abandon the league once their idiocy sinks home and they realise that nobody is going to trade them squat unless they part with players that will actually make a difference for someone's team (usually this involves sending early round picks). If you want Jonas Hiller or Ilya Bryzgalov or Cristobal Huet or whoever, I want something that will help me as much as that goalie will help you. And if that means you don't automatically lose 40% of all categories, that means you better offer me a damn good player or two.

    Are people really that dumb that they just can't seem to figure out that I'm not going to make their presently totally uncompetitive team a threat to me unless they actually significantly improve my team? More to the point, do people really think that the little O-rank number that Yahoo! assigns to players is a good measure of player value in a custom setting league?

    Why does this happen to me every single year? And worst of all, why is that when I actually counteroffer them something I would take they get all offended and OUTRAGED that I actually want something substantial in return for making their team competitive? How can I just ignore these people and the fact that they send me some modified, equally shittastic deal every fucking day? Does anybody else suffer through this?

    /end rant

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