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  • wllypepper wllypepper Oct 7, 2009 3:22 PM Flag

    4 Add/Drops a Week? WTF YAHOO!!

    Its not intended to be a daily roster move game. Some mangaers made it that and basically ruined it for managers that enjoy playing but don't have time to make daily changes by adding and dropping players every day. Which really isn't managing at all.

    Go ahead and play elsewhere if you don't like it. I personally am glad managers are limited to the number of adds, moves, changes they can make.

    I was in a league a few years ago and the winner made 799 roster moves during the season and then bragged how good his team was when he finished first. He just had time to add and drop players every day and really had no skill at managing.

    I favor limited moves or forcing maximum games played at each position. That way a manager really has to manage his team..

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