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  • Commish Commish Sep 3, 2009 12:58 AM Flag

    New Custom League: 14 teams needed

    This league will have some deep rosters so it will require that applicants are pretty familiar with even the 3rd and 4th line players.
    It makes it more authentic that way, I find. Same with the maximum 82 games played. Just like the real NHL players.

    My goal (no pun intended) was to create a league where you have three scoring lines, and a checking line. That is why, if you join, you will see your roster has 4 active LWs, Centers and RWs each night. For defenseman, the number is 6 like most NHL clubs. Then you have your two goalies. You'll have 2 active ones each night and hopefully one on the bench. That is the only thing that is different from real NHL teams.

    Still looking for more applicants. Don't forget, there is a trophy also and it's free!

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    • sign me up! i have been playing for awhile and won 1 league last year! made a remarkable second place in another, from barely making playoff to destroying the 3rd and 2nd seed and losing to the team that controled the league spot the whole year.... i lost in the final two days by 3 + and 9 pims :(

      would love to have another good league!

    • Don't forget, if you set a league record in any of the specified categories, your team name goes in the record book (www.squidoo.com/uhb) for posterity. That means you will have bragging rights and be able to prove it.

      There will be season records and records for individual weeks. Within the first week of the season, you could set a record and have your team name written into the UHB record book.

      The website will be up all year around so that you can check out who has set new records and who has broken yours if any.

      Go ahead. Give it a try. It will be fun!


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