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  • Shaun Shaun Jul 21, 2009 11:40 PM Flag

    Top 25 Final Lists

    Ok, I believe these are gonna be my final lists. Seeing how I got the help from these boards in making some decisions I've decided I will share them.
    I have more rankings past 25 as well as a list of sleepers for off/def but decided I would leave those out.
    What do you think of the lists? Any changes you would make?

    01. Ovechkin

    02. Malkin

    03. Crosby

    04. Datsyuk

    05. Iginla

    06. Backstrom

    07. Kovalchuk

    08. Parise

    09. Getzlaf

    10. St.Louis

    11. Gaborik

    12. Lecavalier

    13. Zetterberg

    14. Semin

    15. Heatley

    16. Nash

    17. Thornton

    18. Savard

    19. D.Sedin

    20. Hossa

    21. Toews

    22. Kane

    23. H.Sedin

    24. J.Carter

    25. Spezza


    01. Green

    02. Lidstrom

    03. Gonchar

    04. Markov

    05. Boyle

    06. S. Niedermayer

    07. Chara

    08. Rafalski

    09. Streit

    10. Phaneuf

    11. Cambell

    12. Souray

    13. Bouwmeester

    14. Weber

    15. Pronger

    16. Wideman

    17. Kaberla

    18. Bieksa

    19. Kronwall

    20. Blake

    21. T.Gilbert

    22. C.Barker

    23. Visnovsky

    24. Zidlicky

    25. D.Keith

    Goalies top 40

    01. Nabokov SJ
    02. Luongo Van
    03. Brodeur NJ
    04. Thomas Bos
    05. Kiprusoff Cal
    06. Lundqvist NYR
    07. S.Mason Clb
    08. Fleury Pit
    09. Huet Chi
    10. Miller Buf
    11. Backstrom Min
    12. Ward Car
    13. Price Mtl
    14. Emery Phi
    15. Smith TB
    16. Turco Dal
    17. Rinne Nas
    18. Osgood Det
    19. Hiller Ana
    20. Khabibulin Edm
    21. Bryzgalov Pho
    22. Lehtonen Atl
    23. Toskala Tor
    24. Varlamov Was
    25. LeClarie Ott
    26. Dipietro NYI
    27. Budaj Col
    28. Quick LA
    29. Giguere Ana
    30. Roloson NYI
    31. Ellis Nas
    32. Boucher Phi
    33. Theodore Was
    34. Anderson Fla
    35. Harding Min
    36. Pavelic Atl
    37. Clemmensen Fla
    38. Gustavsson Tor
    39. Nittymaki TB
    40. Auld Dal

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    • Alright, the lists have had so many little tweaks that I have to either repost or continue to answer for some of the mistakes I made. I'll repost just the Offense seeing how it has gone through the biggest changes.
      I did end up moving backstrom quite a ways down the list. Now keep in mind that Heatley and Thornton are where they are in result of the talks of Heater going to San Jose.

      Here's the updated offensive changes.

      01. Ovechkin

      02. Malkin

      03. Crosby

      04. Datsyuk

      05. Iginla

      06. Kovalchuk

      07. Getzlaf

      08. St.Louis

      09. Heatley

      10. Nash

      11. Thornton

      12. Parise

      13. Lecavalier

      14. Zetterberg

      15. Semin

      16. Gaborik

      17. Backstrom

      18. Savard

      19. D.Sedin

      20. M.Richards

      21. Kane

      22. H.Sedin

      23. J.Carter

      24. Spezza

      25. B.Ryan

      You'll notice some major changes. I'm not really comfortable with Parise in the top 10. He had a great breakout season last year but with Lemaire back I can't see him having so much offense this year. I also know that everyone in the hockey world place him in their top 10 but I really don't mind drafting Ovechkin, Heatley, Nash, or Kovalchuk ahead of him.

    • I would definately bump up Backstrom(Min) drop Backstrom(Was). Maybe drop Campbell (Chi). Gaborik is too high for his injury risk. What do you think about Phil Kessel too?

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      • For Backstrom(min) I can't see putting him any higher. Harding is going to be on his heels all year and probably going to get 20 starts taking away from Backstroms wins.
        I think Backstrom will still come away with 30 plus wins but still isn't enough to put him higher on the list.
        The keepers above him now all are looking to 40+ wins this season with great stats.

        Backstrom(wsh) I've often though of bumping him down to 16th moving #16(Nash) and below all up one notch. But with him centering a line of Ovechy and Knuble it's tough not to expect a huge year. I still think he's the third best Center in the league to have this year. (I'm not counting Malkin as a center if you're wondering)

        Cambell has consistently hit 50+ points the last three seasons in a row. Chicago is getting better by the season, Cambell is good for atleast 55 points this year with a ton of shots. This is also keeping in mind that I'm in a first year keeper league starting this season. This guy is only gonna get better.

        Gaborik has been a thorn in my side since starting this list. I've had him everywhere on the list. I'm positive this is the year for a healthy Gabby. With torty being a run and gun coach I really think Gabby's stats will hit the roof this season. Being a RW really helps his ranking too!

      • also, you gotta move up Hiller (Ana), he will be a beast. Did you see him play against SJ and Det in the playoffs last year?

    • Where is Simon Gagne???

    • How about switch St Louis with Nash and Kane with Semin . .... How about a Dustin Brown pick-up?

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      • I would think Nash is awesome but can't switch him up in the place of a RW. RW is so shallow for talent so the good ones, like StLouis get preference.
        I would consider Kane over Semin. Semin could very well hit and pass 90 points this year should he stay healthy. Both are going to be playing 2nd line this year so it's all up to them how well they do. Not sure Kane will see as much pp time as Hossa will most likely get most of it. Semin is a monster on the pp so I'm sure he'll see more ice time.
        Dustin Brown is a great pick but I have him as more of a sleeper.

    • You have Varlamov 9 oints ahead of Theodore? i would put it other way around isnt theo still number 1

    • I would bump up crosby, i have a feeling that he is going to win the art ross this year.

    • I'm disappointed there is no Tuukka Rask in the Top 40 Goalies.... he is defineitly better than Auld, Theodore, Pavelic, Nittymaki, Clemmensen, Anderson, Boucher, Quick, Budaj, DiPietro.... that's about it for now.
      Of course he is not necessarily proven but should be Top 40.

    • Tomas Vokoun FLA?

    • Mike Richards definitey is a top ten player. He finished last year ranked at 7 the year before at 11 despite missing 12 games. This is coming from a Sabre fan so there no love for the flyers, but the kid can flat out play.

    • Huet at number 9? And I'll assume it was a joke Richards wasn't mentioned... 80 points, +22...

      And you should look at some of your older players like Lidstrom at number two? Way to injury prone, he's not gonna be drafted by me at all. And Brodeur at number 3? He kinda missed a whole season, not exactly reliable anymore. And Miller and Backstrom have crap teams with crap D which will get them poor stats and no wins.

      Gaborik at 11? Niedemayer at 6?

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      • Hey thanks for the feedback. Since your post I have re-evaluated my lists. Although I don't agree with all of your feedback I do agree with most of it.

        I've moved Richards up to 20th. Being a center I don't value him as much as an 80pt winger. I'm sure he'll be top line on a very dangerous team.

        Huet is down to 14th where he belongs. He'll get starts and wins for sure.

        I've also made some other subtle changes but since you didn't mention any of the other players I'll save ya the long read.

        Thanks again for putting your "two cents worth" in.

        Neidermayer stays put at 6th. With dmen I take in consideration, shots,pims,points. He's getting old too.

        Lidstrom is still one of that best,if not best, dmen in the league on a very good detroit team. I'm not so worried about injury.

        As for Gabby, I'm one of the hopefuls that he's finally gonna have a full season. With that much natural talent it doesn't matter where he's playing, the points will come in bunches.

        Brodeur, I have him fourth. I've been back and fourth about Thomas and Brodeur for a while now. All time best goalie or Vesna winner with a promise of getting better and better. This is a keeper league I'm in too so I like Thomas more.

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