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    Top 20 Offense

    Ok I did a list a while back during the season and got a lot of good feedback. Now I'm making a list for next years draft. Theres lots of you out there that know what you're talking about so tell me what you like and don't like on my lists

    1 Ovechkind

    2 Malkin

    3 Crosby

    4 Datsyuk

    5 Heatley

    6 Parise

    7 Gaborik

    8 Getzlaf

    9 Kovalchuk

    10 Iginla

    11 Semin

    12 Zetterberg

    13 Lecavalier

    14 Nash

    15 Hossa

    16 Thornton

    17 Savard

    18 Backstrom

    19 St. Louis

    20 D. Sedin

    I'm sure some of you are wondering if I'm off my rocker but I made a system of ranking players in "Tiers" and these were all players that made it first and second "tier".
    Maybe if none of you agree you should put up a top 10 list of each position. You will surprise yourself.

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    • Yea I was surprised with a lot of what happened on draft day... Kane went 7th overall which I think is way to early. And Tavares went early in the 2nd round, but maybe thats fitting since he passed most of Gretzkys junior records.

      Anyways I'm glad with how things are working out so far, just got to build up the defesne and add another goalie, thinking Ray Emery or Leclaire, and Varlamov was just taken. Then for D I'm leaning towards guys like Kronwall, Enstrom, Whitney... what about you? You started any of next years drafting yet?

    • you should add cammalleri in there, he's improving and becoming at top 20

    • I wouldn't put Gaboriks paperbag groin so high on the list (however if he could stay healthy which he has not done in 5 years he would be high on the list. I also don't see Jeff Carter (he led all Canadians in goal scoring last year). I also think that Eric Staal deserves to be on the list. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jason Spezza have a good year and possibly make this list.

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      • I've posted an updated to that list. That wasn't the polished finished list. More for the kind of feedback that you gave yourself. Thank you by the way. Anyways, if you look a few posts up you'll find my new rankings. I've went a step further and put up my 1-50 rankings.
        I look forward to your thoughts on that list and any helpful feedback you could give

    • Last adjustment. I've increased the list to a top 50. I can imagine a lot will disagree with my final 25 in the list.

      01. Ovechkin

      02. Malkin

      03. Crosby

      04. Datsyuk

      05. Iginla

      06. Backstrom

      07. Kovalchuk

      08. Parise

      09. Getzlaf

      10. St.Louis

      11. Gaborik

      12. Zetterberg

      13. Lecavalier

      14. Semin

      15. Heatley

      16. Nash

      17. Thornton

      18. Savard

      19. D.Sedin

      20. Hossa

      21. Toews

      22. Kane

      23. H.Sedin

      24. J.Carter

      25. Spezza

      26. E.Staal
      27. M.Richards
      28. Cammalleri
      29. Elias
      30. Alfredsson
      31. Ribeiro
      32. S.Koivu
      33. Havlat
      34. Doan
      35. Gagne
      36. B.Ryan
      37. Briere
      38. Jokinen
      39. Selanne
      40. C.Perry
      41. Sharp
      42. B.Boyes
      43. D.Roy
      44. Marleau
      45. Kopitar
      46. Setoguchi
      47. Vanek
      48. Sundin-If he signs
      49. A.Kovalev
      50. Hemsky

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      • Just wondering your opinion on this Shaun.

        Seeing as you have Heatley ranked at 15th, Spezza at 25th and Cammalleri at 28th...
        How much of a steal is it that I got them all in a 20 team keeper league and I traded away my 1st overall pick.
        We only finished drafting the first 3rd rounds but took Heatley in the 2nd round (22 overall), Spezza in the 3rd round (53 overall) and Cammalleri in the 3rd (59 overall), no way all of those guys should of been available.
        Easily all Top 25 forwards ahah great for me and my keeper league though also got Pekka Rinne in the 3rd round (42 overall).

    • Top Players eh.. here it goes

      1. Evgeni Malkin, just to be different form everyone.
      1.b Alexander Ovechkin.

      3. Sidney Crosby

      4. Dany Heatley

      5. Ilya Kovalchuk

      6. Zach Parise

      7. Ryan Getzlaf

      8. Jarome Iginla

      9. Joe Thornton

      10. Pavel Datsyuk

      11. Henrik Zetterberg

      12. Daniel Sedin

      13. Alexander Semin

      14. Marc Savrd

      15. Mike Cammaleri

      16. Vincent Lecavalier

      17. Patrick Kane

      18. Nicklas Backstrom

      19. Rick Nash

      20. Simon Gagne

      21. Martin St. Louis

      22. Mike Richards

      23. Jeff Carter

      24, Henrik Sedin

      And shit I forgot to put in Hossa somewhere... hmmm, I'd put him after Zetterberg but before D.Sedin, right in there.

      So that us my Top 25, I took into consideration if they play C, LW or RW which is why some great centres like Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are so far down the list.

    • I've made some changes with the input I've gotten. I can't keep it to 20 so I have a top 25 now. Now remember, Centers are really deep so I valued them a little lower as well as taking injuries into account.

      What do ya think?

      01 Ovechkin

      02 Malkin

      03 Crosby

      04 Datsyuk

      05 Parise

      06 Iginla

      07 Backstrom

      08 Kovalchuk

      09 Getzlaf

      10 Gaborik

      11 Semin

      12 Zetterberg

      13 Lecavalier

      14 St.Louis

      15 Heatley

      16 Nash

      17 Thornton

      18 Savard

      19 D.Sedin

      20 Hossa

      21 Toews

      22 Kane

      23 H.Sedin

      24 J.Carter

      25 Spezz

    • What would really help is your opinion on these players and if they would be worthy on a top 25 list? Keep in mind this has only 20 people but I still wanna squeeze a few more names on.

      The players I need your opinion on:

      Players I'd like to add and where you think they belong?

      * Toews - Only if you think he can reach 80+ pts
      * Kane - Can he reach 80 pts this year?
      * M.Richards - 80 pts?
      * J.Carter - Real deal
      * Vanek - Can't deny his scoring last year
      * Spezza - Heater seems to be staying
      * Sullivan - sleeper pick of the year I think, prolly able to pick up in later rounds.

    • kovalchuk gaborik sedin heatley and savard are ranked too high....hossa zetterberg iginla thorton toews kane & e.staal are not ranked high enough

    • I'm noticing a lot of love for Backstrom, Carter, and Toews.
      Backstrom should be ranked high playing with the likes of Ovechy, Carter is no mistake. Toews I'm still having a tough time buying. He came off a mediocre year for what was expected. I know he most likely will be teamed up with Hossa but still don't know if he's a top 20. Lots of skill out there.

    • Ok, here's my list (assuming G, A, PIM, +/-, and SOG categories) - it's actually pretty similar to yours. I'm not saying anything is set in stone, this list will definitely change depending on preseason and other factors but in general I don't like overpaying for guys who just had a career year.

      1. Ovechkin

      2. Malkin

      3. Crosby

      4. Datsyuk

      5. Zetterberg

      6. Iginla

      7. Kovalchuk

      8. Getzlaf

      9. Joe Thornton

      10. N. Backstrom

      11. M. Hossa

      12. A. Semin

      13. D. Heatley

      14. D. Sedin

      15. V. LeCavalier

      16. M. Savard

      17. Z. Parise

      18. Rick Nash

      19. J. Carter

      20. J. Towes

      21. P. Kane, ok i'm cheating but he could be 20 just as well.

      22. again at 22, M. Gaborik

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