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    Top 10 Goalies

    Ok I did a list a while back during the season and got a lot of good feedback. Now I'm making a list for next years draft. Theres lots of you out there that know what you're talking about so tell me what you like and don't like on my lists

    1 Luongo

    2 Brodeur

    3 Thomas

    4 Nabokov

    5 S. Mason

    6 Lundqvist

    7 Backstrom

    8 Kiprusoff

    9 Fleury

    10 M.Smith

    Noticable snubs:

    Osgood - New team, we now see if it was skill or great D

    Khabibulan - New team, not so sure he's set up for success

    Ward - Just never liked the guy, cant see a great season coming

    Price and Hiller - To early for them to make this prestigious list.

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    • New List, rough draft but pretty close to final. Whatcha think?
      Ranked 1-40

      01. Nabokov SJ
      02. Luongo Van
      03. Brodeur NJ
      04. Thomas Bos
      05. Kiprusoff Cal
      06. Lundqvist NYR
      07. S.Mason Clb
      08. Fleury Pit
      09. Huet Chi
      10. Miller Buf
      11. Backstrom Min
      12. Ward Car
      13. Price Mtl
      14. Turco Dal
      15. Rinne Nas
      16. Osgood Det
      17. Hiller Ana
      18. Smith TB
      19. Khabibulin Edm
      20. Emery Phi
      21. Bryzgalov Pho
      22. Lehtonen Atl
      23. Toskala Tor
      24. Varlamov Was
      25. LeClarie Ott
      26. Dipietro NYI
      27. Budaj Col
      28. Quick LA
      29. Giguere Ana
      30. Roloson NYI
      31. Ellis Nas
      32. Boucher Phi
      33. Theodore Was
      34. Anderson Fla
      35. Harding Min
      36. Pavelic Atl
      37. Clemmensen Fla
      38. Gustavsson Tor
      39. Nittymaki TB
      40. Auld Dal

    • Good except for Smith at 10. I can think of 5 others who could be at that spot. Be prepared to have Varlamov on that list by the end of next year!

    • Assuming stats are Wins, GAA, SV%, Shutouts
      1: Luongo- Always solid and will steal wins for you

      2: Brodeur- Best goalie of all time. Maybe starting to slip a little but has a solid team in front of him. And keep in mind that Jacques Lemaire is back as coach of the devils and he demands solid defense

      3: Nabokov- Will win over 40 games easily. San Jose will once again have a great regular season and fall apart in the playoffs.

      4: Kiprusoff- I think his GAA and SV% will improve this year with the addition of J Bo and Brent Sutter as coach

      5: Thomas- Boston will once again compete for the east. Do you see a pattern. Defensive minded coaches have the best goalies for fantasy hockey. It is true here in Boston as well.

      6: Steve Mason- Led the league in shutouts as a rookie was no fluke. Hitchcock knows how to play a system that shuts down opposing offenses.

      7: Fleury- Defending stanley cup champ will be helped by having Gonchar for a full season. Pittsburgh flat out knows how to win.

      8: Henrik Lundqvist -Although I consider Lundqvist to be one of the three best goalies in the world, his GM is terrible and Tortorellas run and gun systems puts a lot of pressure on the goalie.

      9: Cam Ward. Similar to Lundqvist he is a world class goalie who plays in the high scoring east. However he is in my opinion the third best Canadian goalie behind Luongo and Brodeur.

      10: Turco. Having their captain Morrow back will make a huge difference for the Stars and Turco will once again be in the top 10 goalies this year.

      Ryan Miller- A solid undisputed #1 goalie Who will win over 30 games if he stays healthy.

      Backstrom. This will be the season that we find out if Backstrom is the real deal or if he only looked great because he was playing under Lemaire. I think he will win 35 games and be a solid #1 goalie.

      Mike Smith will have a better season with the additions Tampa has made (Ohlund and Hedman) to their blueline, and the continued development of Stamkos.

      Chris Mason is one goalie that I Think has major sleeper potential this year. He was awesome the second half of the season last year and he will likely play for a quality winning team this year. Not to mention that Erik Johnson will show that he is an impact defensemen.

      Cristobal Huet. while Huet is not spectacular he may put up quality fantasy numbers this year simply because he is the #1 for an excellent Hawks team that only got better in the offseason by signing Hossa. Huet may win clsoe to 40 games this year.

      Carey Price. I think the Habs will have a slow start as they need time to get some chemistry rolling with the massive turnover of their roster. However I look for him to have a much better second half of the season.l

      Ray Emery. Nobody really knows what to think about Emery but I think he has serious sleeper potential if he can return to the form that took Ottawa to the Finals. Also with the addition of Prongers elbows Philly should contend for the East Crown.

      Jonas Hiller. I am a little sketchy about hiller because Anaheim has lost both Pronger and Beauchemin from the blueline and that will have a major impact on Anaheims defense. Also he is not an undisputed #1 goalie which is essential to have in fantasy hockey.

      Khabibulin- Unfortunately he has the human pylon Sheldon Souray playing defense in front of him and the oilers have been perennial underachievers for a while and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

      Chris Osgood. Seems to have no desire to compete until the playoffs roll around. Also Detroit is unlikely to ask Ozzy to play more then 50 games in the regular season

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      • What's best? Picking great G for smaller offense or picking somewhat weaker G for a strong offense?

        Adding to Skua (who has the best top 10 on the subject in my opinion) and still assuming stats are Wins, GAA, SV% and Shutouts:

        I divide my Goalies in categories, in which the G are equal.

        1 - 2: Luongo, Brodeur (I prefer Luongo for SV%, but nothing can go wrong with these two.)

        3 - 6: Nabokov, Lundvist, Thomas, Kiprusoff (Kiper is obviously there because of Sutter and Bouwmester.)

        7 -11: Fleury, Price, Steve Mason, Backstrom, Huet

        12 - 20: Ward, Turco, Miller, Smith, Chris Mason, Emery, Osgood, Rinne, Vokoun

        21 - 22: Leclaire, Hiller

        23 - 27: Khabibulin, Giguere, Toskala, Theodore, Quick

        28: Budaj

        I like picking late goalies in a draft.
        Next year, I will be in a 10 team ligue. I think my strategy will be to pick 1 G from the (7-11) category (I would pick the 10th or 11th one) and 2 G from the (12-20) category (I would pick the two last ones available, since I don't really care which one I get).
        Picking late Goalies give great power on offence (G, A, PTS, +-, GWG, PPP and PIM) are the 7 stats for forwards in my league.

      • OMG that was gold!!! I agreed with everything your wrote and read some stuff I didn't even think about. Great stuff thank you

    • smith as number 10 lmao. I would rather have anyone else at 10

    • I bet your own list looks drastically different after this upcoming season. Don't be shocked if Varlamov rockets up the league rakings.

    • ok, here's what I think:

      1. Luongo is #1. This goalie is big, agile, quick, and composed - he is a monster!!

      2. Evgeni Nabokov - Ok, this guy still plays for an awesome regular season team and makes a ton of starts. His SV% may be a little low but all other stats are stellar.

      3. Tim Thomas - really good goalie on a really good team but played more than 60 games in a season only once in his career. This time around Boston seems to have a much better team however.

      4. H. Lundqvist - the best goalie after Luongo slides to #4 because of likely "run-n-gun" offense that will be preached by Tortorella. NYR defense also seems a bit weak with lackadaiscal Redden leading the way.

      5. C. Ward - Looks like this kid finally figured it out after 4 years in the league and besting Brodeur in the playoffs yet again. He should probably add to his 39 Win total from last year.

      6. M-A Flery - Not as good of a goalie as some others but plays on the best team and has one more year of experience under his belt and a Stanley Cup to boot.

      7. N. Backstrom - Very solid goalie but lots of unkowns in the organization with new coach/GM not to metion that the team is once again barely competitive.

      8. M. Brodeur - became the all time winnigest goalie after returning from a freak injury last year but promptly fell apart after that. And about that freak inury - it is extremely worrisome, torn tendons point to old age. If you draft Broduer make sure to draft Danis for insurance.

      9. M. Kiprusoff - the most wins last year but poor peripheral stats. Hopefully Brent Sutter will instill slighly more work ethic in Calgary's own end. Not sure if Bouwmeester will be a boon or bain for Kiprusoff's stats but I can only hope that he will help by increasing Calgary's puck possession time.

      10. C. Price - Will the franchise goalie please stand up?
      Some extremely bad luck and confidence issues last season but I have high hopes for a breakout season this year.

      On the bubble:

      S. Mason - had an awesome start to the season but was really mediocre down the stretch (like 2 months + playoffs). Some of this could be explained by various ailments but this is a bit reminiscent of another Columbus goalie - P. LeClaire who will now play for Ottawa and is my sleeper pick.

      P. Rinne - another solid rookie but stumbled a bit towards the end and Nashville is always a dark horse team that somehow manages to do pretty well with very little.

      C. Osgood - simply cannot start more than 50 games and be effective but is a very good source of wins.

      J. Hiller - ok, this is very troublesome because he may split the duties with JS Giguere but really he deserves to be a starter in Anaheim and they still got an awesome team.

      • 2 Replies to checkit
      • Here is list in a draft scenario, based on the following stats for points: Wins (W), Goals Against Average (GAA), Saves (SV) and Shutouts (SO).

        1. E. Nabokov - With Boucher now in Philly, Nobokov has no competition with Greiss as his backup. SJ will be forced to ride Nobokov all the way to the playoffs, even if it means another bad post season. I'd say he's good for 70+ games and 6+ shutouts.

        2. M. Kiprusoff - Kipper has proven to be a big time keeper, makes saves look easy and knows how to be a difference maker. With Calgary upping the D, I'm expecting a change in GAA. With 1 win in 14 games McElhinney won't see many games. Kipper will have another 76 game season and 5+ shutouts.

        3. R. Luongo - With Vancouver landing Raycroft as the backup, it proves that they are looking to keep Luongo fresh for the playoffs. Less games means less saves and possibly less Wins. Too bad it'll affect Luongo's fantasy value. If it wasn't for his large number of shutouts over the years, he would have fallen lower on my list.

        4. H. Lundqvist - Lundqvist is a solid 4th. He's gets wins, has a great GAA every year and bounces around in the shutout department. My only concern is Valiquette who has slowly been playing more games each year. Similar to Vancouver, less games can hurt stats, but the Rangers are also thinking post season.

        5. M. Brodeur - Brodeur is a steal at 5th spot, considering the competition these days. With Clemmensen gone and no word on Weeks, Brodeur will be back to playing 70+ games after a summer off to fully heal from injury. Brodeur's got a lot to prove to NJ, the NHL and Team Canada. You can expect him to be at the top of his game. Injured or not, this guy is a shutout machine.

        6. T. Thomas - Up until last year, I thought Thomas was just lucky. Sure he's been surrounded by a great team but he still managed to post an amazing GGA. I'm not sure he'll have the same stats this time around being expected to play more games, but I'm goin to say he'll turn a few heads.

        7. M-A Fleury - With Garon out of the picture, Fleury will be relied on heavily this year to play more minutes. As the NHL's newest Stanley Cup winning goalie, he's looking to prove it wasn't a fluke. Some people think he's got a chance at a #3 spot on Team Canada. I don't know about that, but I think he'll break the 40+ wins again, as long as he remains healthy.

        8. N. Backstrom - Backstrom is a work horse on a team everyone forgets about. You can't deny his numbers, but he does have good competition in Harding, who could get 20+ games this season. With a 56% winning streak, even 60 games = 30+ wins. He's also known to post a shutout or 8.

        9. C. Ward - Leighton will lighten the load but Ward will play the bulk of the games. Often passed up in early rounds, Ward usually ends up being a great late pick. While I still consider him more of a playoff goalie, he's had 30+ wins in his last 3 seasons, including a ton of saves.

        10. S. Mason - Mason didn't win rookie of the year for no reason, posting 33 wins, a 2.29 GGA and 10 shutouts. CBJ knew he was the goalie of the future, but even they didn't expect this. He'll need to step it up this year to prove he is the complete package.

      • wow now that was an amazing in depth look at tenders. Definitely gonna influence my list. I'm with ya on Brodeur but how do you give up on a guy that is amazing? Thats hockey and age for ya


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