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  • Tony Tony Jun 19, 2009 1:16 PM Flag

    New Dynasty Hockey League

    I currently have 10 teams entered for a new start up keeper league.These are all solid managers that were invited to the league. I still need 2 - 6 more solid managers to fill out our league. Ideally I am looking for 4 more teams

    The league is run on a Proboards message board, with the gameplay being run on Yahoo.

    We also have spots open for our Basketball (2 spots) and Baseball league (lots of spots).

    If you are interested e-mail me, And I will send you a link to our board. Or post a message here and I will send you a link to our board.

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    • 1 open spot left, Have filled 3 spots from this post. Thanks guys.

    • e-mails sent to Ben K and Voyager thanks for the interest. We will still have at least one more open spot. If anyone is interested.

    • artkravchenko@yahoo.com

    • still have 3 more open spots, for a new startup keeper league

    • these are the league rules modified to accomodate max 4000 charachters, I am shooting for 14 teams

      Head to Head League

      The league will be run on Yahoo for starting lineups, stats, standings and scheduling.

      A 12-16 team 10 player keeper league where team owners take on the role of General Manager for an NHL Franchise and play for the Fantasy Stanley Cup. This includes drafting/trading, developing a Farm team for your team's future.


      Starting Positions will be:



      20 man roster, with 5 IR spots. You can not have more than 20 players on your active roster at any one time

      Farm Team:

      8 player Farm Team, Minimum Games Played (MGP from now on) will be 15 for Goalies and 30 for Skaters.

      GM's will be able to protect ALL Farm Team players until they reach the MGP. Once they have reached the MGP, If they are called up from the minors or are on the NHL roster at the time the MGP is reached they cannot be sent back down to the Farm system. If they are on the Farm at the time MGP is reached, They can stay on the Farm for the remainder of the season as long as they are not "called up".

      At the end of the season a player reaches MGP they will no longer be eligible to stay down in the minors. The GM owning that player will need to decide to keep/protect that player with one of their 10 keeper spots if the GM does not protect that player, then the player will go into the Free Agent draft. Of course all Farm Team players can also be traded before or after MGP, it does not matter. As long as both teams have the correct roster space.

      NO Farm team players can be picked up on Yahoo , Without the GM posting the "Call-up" in the forum first.


      Offensive Categories:


      Goalie Categories :

      Wins, Save %, Saves, GAA, SHO


      There will be an inaugural 20 round snake draft to start at a time TBD. The order will be determined by a Random Draft Generator.

      And a 8 round prospect snake draft with the order being a reverse of the 20 round draft.

      Each year after that,

      1.) You will be able to keep/protect 10 NHL players total, and ALL Farm Team players who have not reached the MGP.

      2.) There will be an 10 round Free Agent draft. The order will be determined by the results of the previous season. (example for a 12 team league, last place through 6th place will have the first 6 picks. After that it will be determined by Playoff results with tie-breakers being the team with a worse regular season record to determine the final 6 spots)

      3.)There will be a 2 round rookie snake draft, It will be the SAME order as the Free Agent draft. No team may go over the 8 player limit for their Farm Team. If before the rookie draft you have 8 on the Farm you will need to drop a player , make a trade or void your pick.

      4.)Both Rookie and Free Agent picks can be traded up to 3 years in advance.


      The regular season will be set to end when there are 4 weeks left. However many weeks that is Approx. 23 if I remember correctly. We will then have 3 Playoff rounds lasting 1 week, 1week and 2 weeks for the championship.

      Playoffs scenarios:

      If we get 14 or more teams in the league, the Playoff scenario will be.

      8 teams will make the playoffs, 0 teams will have a bye

      1 plays 8
      2 plays 7
      3 plays 6
      4 plays 5

      If we get 12 teams it will be the standard 6 teams make the playoffs, with the top 2 teams receiving a bye-week.

      There will be reseeding after each round.

      Championship will be the final 2 weeks of the regular season.

    • i might be down, I'd like to check out the league settings first

    • phillyfan16@yahoo.com


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