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  • Leafer Leafer Mar 26, 2009 11:51 PM Flag

    Rotisserie Pools - Thumbs Down

    This will be my last year playing in any of these Yahoo rotisserie hockey pools. I'm not a sore loser, it's not about that.

    What seems unfair however is how the scoring works. Every year it's the same. Once about one third of the season is done, it's almost practically impossible to make up ground, no matter how well your team seems to perform. Unless your team gets a ton of points in the first few months of the season, your team is doomed to be sitting somewhere in the middle of the pack for the remainder of the season, moving up a point or down a point occasionally and that's it.

    So in my opinion, these types of pools aren't worth playing anymore unless the points system improves. I'm sure there are many out there who feel the same about this.

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    • News Flash: don't join

    • Re-read. Check. Stupidest thing I've said all day

      Blame it on the tiredness.

    • Why would Getzlaf be a second tier center in Vancouver?

      Pittsburgh and Philly maybe (not that he would be headed to either).

      I'd bump the twins anyday to line 2 for Getzlaf

    • You're a quitter. That's OK.

    • You're 100% right. Fantasy sports are luck and you need your players hot at the beginning of the season. If a star players struggles for 30 games, it's not your fault and you can never make back those games.

      I just played my first H2H in hockey and love it.

      Rotisserie rules are not as good in hockey because the stats are not as good as baseball.

      Play H2H. GL

    • obviously...someone is winning...
      and its NOT YOU

    • i made up 250 points in the last month...well 236 because I was 250 behind and in third place....as of today I am in 2nd and only 13 points back...trading and drafting are key!!

    • Wholeheartedly disagree. Started at the bottom... I was sitting middle of the pack most of the season, made some moves (most in my league) and moved up to second after a little bit of luck. Now I'm ahead by 8 points after more moves. This is a 12 person league.

      Sometimes you don't have to play the cards you're dealt. Look for hot FA's and ride some of them.. they'll turn into players that you can trade off before they get cold again and get a consistent vet.

    • that's the dumbest thing ever, you're basically just saying you don't like a type of pool because you're team sucked and did bad, enjoy playing h2h where you can dominate the whole year and then not even finish in the top 3 because of one unlucky week... rotisserie leagues are for people with real knowledge and skill while h2h all comes down to luck, so yeah i guess that would be better for you until you learn about hockey... oh and enjoy watching the leafs suck for another 50 years

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      • For the most part I agree with the post before mine. All of it except where you claim H2H to be easy and all about luck. It's a different kind of pool and to tell you the truth I find it the hardest. The only year I played Roto I found extremely easy. I was always able to find a great pickup or trade to improve my team. Maybe because many didn't realize what was there or just weren't active enough.
        My point is, I did well in that roto league because of the people in it weren't as active as myself. That goes the same with H2H. You cant say either type of league sucks or is just about luck. If you knew your hockey you would know enough to keep guys that are on teams fighting for a playoff spot and who are doing well. It's a different kind of strategy and extremely difficult. It takes an intimate knowledge of hockey and of the players to be successful in a H2H league.

        P.S. I 100% agree about the leafs. What a bunch of losers. I just hope none of their fans jump bandwagons over to my team in the playoffs. I'm sure it will happen though, thats the life of a leafs fan!!! Pathetic

    • i experimented with both roto and points league this season, as well as the usual h2h. i'd have to say i agree with this comment, i've been stuck in 3rd-5th place since the mid-way point of the season and like you said, unless all my players do really well every day i pretty much stay put in the same spot.. i may get +3 one day but then i just lose it the next few days going -0.5, -1, 0, -2 or something like that.

      having said that, i think h2h is the way to go. much more fair that way.

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