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  • gregory n gregory n Mar 24, 2009 3:15 AM Flag

    Contant pickups and drops

    How do you'all fell about people who pickup 2-3 people daily just to fill roster stops? I personally think that they have no business playing fantasy sports. My 2 hockey teams finished 1 and 2 respectivly. Both of these teams could very easly get bounced out by guys who have each made over 100 moves on the season. Last time I checked, my 2 opponents made a combined 292 moves on the year. Now I have beaten both of these guys in the regular season, but my luck is bound to run out some time. Considering that they may each start 10-15 more people than me. I think that Yahoo should put a limmit on how many moves can be made in their public leagues.

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    • that can help those people but that is not only good. They can drop a good player... anyway, read all the message.

    • It takes the challenge out of buildng a team that can stand up to another team, stacking the deck takes the real challenge out of it. Once the trade deadline is up you shouldn't be able to make changes except in the case of IR.

    • stop crying and do the same.

    • Gregory, the one thing I can tell you is that if you play most standard public roto leagues, there is a max games that can be played per position. If the player exceeds that max games, that position does not accrue points anymore. In the public roto league I am in, 2 teams have positions maxing out, with a 3rd about to happen. Kinda defeats the purpose of streaming.

    • I'm not someone that does this, though this week I am. The guy i'm playing in my Semi does it, so why the hell not fight fire with fire.

    • unlimited add/drops does reward the managers who keep up with whats happening in the league its impossible to draft an all-star team so that makes at least a couple of players expendible on the roster allowing for the addition of hot players. i don't see the fun in setting your lines once and forgetting about your team for 7 days. only way to avoid this is private leagues problem is you have no idea who your commish is if he is a suck or changes rules midway through the season. believe me the risks of private leagues isn't worth it. stick with public the rules wont change on you mid season.

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      • I do it when my opp. does it. Its actually fun, I remember having to research which players tend to fight which team consistently. And on the very last day of the season, while my opp desperately grabbed forwards, I took Matt Walker (WHO!) and he got me 5pim and I won the week.

      • nickknowsbest: You are comparing 2 extremes - one being someone who adds/drops constantly (far too regularly for my liking) and someone who isn't active at all (setting lineup once a week).

        You can have a very active league without setting unlimited moves. Of course, there's a risk if joining a private league with a commissioner you don't know. Suggestion is to research the commish beforehand, join with those you know, or seek out likeminded people (that you don't know) and discuss rules at the beginning.

        The league I'm commish in (private H2H) is VERY active but we had a maximum of 40 moves for the season (and 2 moves per week during the playoffs). There were plenty of trades, and just general activity/involvement. The number of messages on our board is around 800!

        We had a discussion around this time last year and got to know a few others who wanted an active, competitive, and fair league. It has worked out very well, this is the best league I've ever been involved with, and great managers.

        Another advantage of having a private over public is that you have a dedicated commissioner to whom you can discuss issues/settings. Public you are stuck with what you got.

    • I don't like it BUT check that out before you join a league.
      I personally won't join if the number of moves is unlimited or the commissioner holds the trade veto rather than a league vote.

    • I don't see what's wrong with it. You reward the people who spend the most time on their team. That makes sense to me. I usually just sub out my defense for offensive players. I know in my league people didn't get mad until the playoffs. What do they want? Just to lay down and just play the guys on my team? If it's fair it's fair. If you play within the rules then no one should be complaining.

    • This is my 2nd year, and I am one of those guys. I love it. Granted my 1st season, I was addicted to adding and dropping guys every day, staying/waking up in the middle of the night to steal a waiver without losing my place. But it's a double-edged sword... like the previous post said, you may drop someone you shouldn't or pickup someone that f's up your +/- or SV%, etc.

      When you sign up, it asks if you want an 'active' league or a 'casual' league, right? I always pick 'active' and half the managers are MIA for some reason, and don't respond to trade offers.

      You still may win in the playoffs on a bad week.

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      • I think you mean SH%... unless you're rotating goalies too!

        Yup, rotating will pile up SOG, but not necessarily goals at the same pace to keep the SH% competitive. That was the thinking of my commish. He also changed GWG to SH%.

        I do miss picking up a goon when PIM was needed. Looking up Hockeyfights.com to see which guy was most likely going to get in a fight.

    • It happened in the pool I was in last year. I ended up winning that pool, but many people (including me) were rotating players in the playoffs.

      The commish made a bunch of rule changes for this year's pool:

      -Total moves set from unlimited to 82 <--for the entire season
      -Waiver time from 2 to 7 days <--this will make players less available day to day
      -Roster size from 16 (+3 IR) to 20 (+3 IR) <-- 12 man league means 48 players less that could be used to rotate

      All done to discourage daily add/drops. The irony is the commish deployed this strategy against me in the first round of the playoffs. But even with 16 extra games, my guys were still able to put slightly higher offensive numbers (4-3-6, we split in goalie stats and tied in G, PPP, SHP, SOG,SH%). Also had he not been so desperate at dropping Oshie, Shanahan, and Setoguchi for more games, he would have got at least that one goal that would have made the difference.

      Now I'm hoping that I can snatch up Setoguchi from the waiver!

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