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    MVP discussion almost comes to blows

    I got into it with someone over the MVP. Im backing Malkin hes back Ovechkin. He kept callin Malkin a pussy.

    Malkin is first Points

    Not only is he first in points hes got a 12 point gap on Ovechkin.

    Malkin leads the league in Assists while Ovechkin leads in goals with almost 200 more shots then Malkin.

    Ovechkin has 17 more goals then Malkin while Malkin has 20 more assists then Ovechkin.

    Sorta of meaningless stat but still gotta build a case Malkin is plus 19 to Ovechkin plus 9.

    -Ovechkin also has better linemates then Malkin who has plays with Sykora and Fedotenko.

    In the first half of the season Satan,Fedotenko and the rest of the Pens werent scoring. Malkins monster first half kept the Penguins around untill they got it together for this huge run there on now.

    Malkin plays better defence, back checks better and also can be a servicable penalty killer if needed.

    Crosby got his,Ovechkin got his its Malkins trophy this year.

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    • i agree with everything that was said(tony) malkin plays a different game then ovechkin. malkin makes people around him better and ovechkin just shoots all the time. hardly a passer at all.

    • you can make an extremely strong case for datsyuk who would be my pick

    • that is a very convicing agument. i totally agree. i have malkin on one team and ovie on another, and i would take malkin this year. it is close tho...

    • It's tough. But as someone said, it's not just about the points...Both Malkin and Ovechkin have had their lack of D moments. There have been a few times specificaly that have been highlighted in reels where Ovechkin has just weakly put out his stick to try to poke check, miss it, and result in a goal.
      Same can be said to Malkin.
      Both have tremendous talent, but both can turn it on, and off...and do so - - - remember Jaromir Jagr, he didn't do anything he didn't want to. These guys are the same.

      Parise goes 100% all the time. And scores points...I like him.

      Guys like Thornton, Iginla, Datsyuk.........all great 2 way players.

      Those are the kind of guys I would like to see win, but I would be joking if I said I didn't think Malkin or Ovechkin will win.

      Both of their teams will make the playoffs, and both are going to be tough choices. But I bet OV wins the heart, and Malkin wins the Pearson.....

    • Depends on what happens the last 10-14 games here in the NHL.

      If a team doesn't make the playoffs, the voters usually don't choose a player from that team, unless they did something unbelievable.

      Last year OV was clearcut winner with 65 goals.

      This year it's a tossup between a lot of players.

      While Mason's done well, he's a rookie, and won't be in the top 3 for voting. He'll get the Calder for sure.

      Malkin is probably in the top 3 based purely on his point total.
      The other 2 will probably be 2 of: Parise, Ovechkin, Tim Thomas.

      I can't see any other names being floated around for the top 3 finalists for the Heart.

      Like I said, it depends what the last games do, in terms of team performance, as well as individual performance.

      I like what Parise has done in NJ though.
      They roll 2 scoring lines (don't stack one line) and those 2 lines split the PP time. And 5 on 5 they roll all 4 lines, with Madden as checking line and the 4th line is energy line, but they have talent too - Rolston, Clarkson, etc. Rolston's hardly a 4th liner.
      All that under a defense first hockey club.
      Parise is the only other 40-40 guy thus far other than OV, and will most likely hit the 50-50 club, and over 100 points.

    • Ovechkin is the Caps, they would be nowhere without him.
      Malkin would be missed if the Pens didn't have him but they would survive. They're success isn't solely because of him being on the team.

      Ovechkin because goals matter, Shots matter, and yes he plays awesome D too. I don't buy your argument that malkin plays better D. Ovechkin is a better all round player. And because of his impact on the team that makes him the MVP.

      I like Malkin a lot, not dogging him but you have to give it to Ovechkin he deserves it

    • Ya there has to be a gap in games played... but i think MVP should go to player who most helps his team...in most cases the MVPgoes a player on a top team, and that wuld be Ovechkin...hes leading his team to a division title, while Malkin and Crosby are fighting for the playoffs... I think if this keeps going this way, the points gap at the end of the year will be minimal, and then the Caps will still be the best team in their division, so I think Ovechkin wins it this year.

    • Don't forget Ovechkin missed a chunk of games earlier this season.

    • the only argument for malkin is that he has the most points, an MVP is supposed to do more than that, you guys should actually try watching players play instead of just looking at their stats, there is NO WAY malkin should win mvp this year

    • Some more ammunition

      Ovechkin leads the league in giveaways

      Malkin leads the league in takeaways

      Ovie is 7th on his team in +/- While Malkin is first

      Malkin has more even strength points

      Malkin ranks I believe 4rth among Centers in Goals while Ovie ranks 7th in wingers for assist.

      If Gonchar was around on the PP and Theriens system wasnt holding the pens back there would be a even bigger gap in Pts.

      Ovie gets rocket richardd good for him but no MVP.

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