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    Best all around hockey player?

    I honestly believe Pavel Datsyuk is the best player in hockey the way he can go from offense to defense and then make a rediculous pass or shot he can do it all and is one of the best puck handlers. Ovechkin is the best offensive player but I do not think he is as valuable as Mr. Datsyuk.

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    • Ovech is not repeat not even the best offensive player in the NHL
      Ive watched both Ovech and Green in the Ranger series and all they do is shoot shoot shoot!!! Ovech had 21 shots in one game
      and didnt score!!! and Green shoots and then doesnt play his defense postion!!!
      Caps will indeed be lucky to beat the Rangers and if they do
      PENS or Bruins will not be so kind to the so called best player in the NHL!!!

    • ALEXANDER OVECHKIN. The best player in the world at both ends of the ice.

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      • Ovechkin barely plays defense. He glides around waiting for one of his teammates to get the puck. The only time he'll backcheck is if he makes the mistake like the breakaway against the Rangers). Unless you mean defense by charging guys trying to throw hits. That's not defense. If he was a normal player he would be called for those hits all the time. If you want real defense from a forward watch Datsyuk, Parise, or Richards for Philly. Ovechkin is a shoot first puck hog and a lazy backchecker.

    • Clearly most of you haven't watched ovechkin play or you wouldn't think he's the best.

      He's certainly the best at:

      - shooting from the blue line
      - shooting while not even looking at the net
      - shooting while he should be setting up a play
      - empty net goals

      That said, he's very talented but also very selfish and waaaaay overrated. There's a reason washington is on the verge of losing the opening round in 5 games and ov has 1 goal on 31 shots.

    • Naww dude,, its alexander Ovechkin, im sorry, no disrespect to datsyuk, but ovechkins got it all, hes a snipe a play maker and one of the biggest hitters in the game. That a package right there. Datsyuk would probably be top 3 though.

    • Rick Nash is not one dimentional, I do not think he is the best and I a not a Blue Jackets fun. Please do some home work before you make your self look like a douche. Have you ever watched him play? He kills penalties and is always one of the first guys back. He is no longer the Nash of old under Hitchcock


    • Datsyuk by far is the most complete player in the league, he can do it all, if i had to pick one player to build my team around it would be him, he can play the powerplay, pentley kill, foward, defence, and he got the best hands in the league! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj3E0ve6rl0

    • I honestly believe that the best OV mind you his defense lacks but in offensive zone there is no other like him, goes to corners hits front of net and not only does he goals but assists to, i don't think Semin, Backstrim, and Green are getting the puk from each other to score, so plain and simple OV is not a puck hoge when he knows he could!!! Now in there prime no other like Sakic and Madano ( Hull should be shot for stripping the C off Modano). Since no one has said anthing about Goalies the best Marty, Louongo(once he fully recovers), and Steve Mason(that is 1 tough kid to goal Mono for roughly a week and ahalf and still win games Wow!! As well lead the league in Shutouts who knows how many wins SO, and W, he would have!! That is is right now!!!

    • Anyway, before i entered the thread, I was thinking to myself "Datsyuk is the best in my opinion." Glad to see a lot of other people see what I see.

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