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  • J.R. J.R. Feb 22, 2009 10:28 PM Flag

    Goailie Points?

    The most out-of-whack stat there is that allowing a single goal counts against you as much as a loss does. The GA category should be set up more like the saves category, probably at a .50, and the the win category should probably be adjusted to a +2.

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    • EXACTLY!

      yea, that's what i was thinking... -.5 for GA & bump up the win a little.

      I tried to have it changed in the beginning of the season & some people agreed but then they decided to wait until next year to change it.

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      • You know, the +5 for a shutout seems a little extraneous as opposed to the rest of the point system also.

        For example, Goalie A goes head to head against Goalie B and wins 1-0. Goalie A gets a shutout but only faces 18 shots. Goalie B faced 32 shots and only allowed 1 goal. Goalie A then gets 9.6 points while Goalie B gets only 4.4 points even though he faced almost twice as many shots and allowed just one less goal.

        So I think that the SO should probably be adjusted to +2 if the win is adjusted to +2 giving a total of 4pts for the SO/win instead of 6pts. Essentially then, a SO would be worth twice as much as a win instead five times as much.


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