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  • J.R. J.R. Feb 6, 2009 9:35 PM Flag

    Cindy: Officially Biggest Wuss in NHL

    That's right...it's official. Cindy is the biggest baby in the NHL! Forget the speculation and the rumors, the vote has been cast and the ballots are in.

    According to a 2009 ESPN survey of 193 NHL players, Cindy Crosby is the biggest whiner in the NHL, winning with a whopping 52% of the vote! The next closest player was Pronger, with a mere 8% of the vote, giving Cindy a landslide win for biggest p*ssy in the league, as voted by the players who skate with him night in and night out.

    "A simple Google search will tell you what some fans think of Sidney Crosby on the ice ("cry baby" is the most often-used G-rated word); but at various times in his short career, Crosby has been accused of complaining too much to officials about calls or non-calls and embellishing fouls to draw penalties. It was a subject that was heightened during last season's playoffs. Crosby has repeatedly denied being that kind of a player."

    Well, he can deny it all he wants now, his fellow NHLer's have spoken.


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    • First of all, last year they had Gonchar healthy in the line-up for 78 games so that is a big reason why the Penguins were so much better last year. He makes a huge difference on the powerplay which is struggling without somebody to effectively quarterback it.

      Also, when Crosby was injured wasn't that when fleury got injured as well and Conklin came in and backstopped the Penguins with a .922 sv pct? Unbelievable goaltending played a big factor in why the penguins were so good when Crosby was out. Despite the stats it's rediculous to say that the Penguins are better without Crosby. Last year he was +18 with 72 points in 53 games.

      As for Malkin being the Captain , it just doesn't make sense for a guy who can barely speak english to be the leader of your franchise

    • I hate Crosby!.. and he is the biggest cry baby in the league.. i love when richards and the flyers beat him up!..

      but he does get a lot of pts

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      • Crosby is better than Malkin. Crosby showed up in the finals whereas Malkin didn't. Crosby's also considerably better in his the neutral and defensive zone than Malkin. Crosby's a monster at controlling the play (not saying Malkin can't do that either). Just because Malkin's outscoring Crosby this year-doesn't mean he's better. And just because Crosby can be a baby on the ice doesn't take anything away from him-let's not forget Gretzky himself whined constantly (although in his later years he toned it down).

    • nice! I'd love a cold one!

    • LOL......... pass one my way! Got any New Castle in that cooler? HAHAHA

    • LOL...Welcome aboard...the beer's in the cooler.

    • I dont think i have laughed that hard for a while! Reading this was funny as hell! i agree with the Cindy in a pussy thing right off the start!

      The best part is all the guys on here wishing they were sucking Cindy off! how do you stand up for him whinning and crying all the time! Noone said he is a bad hockey player! Noone is taking that away from him! All they are saying is he cries and cries and cries then when the game is over he cries some more while you Crosby lovers are trying to suck him off!

      Funny stuff guys! keep it up! and you Crosby lovers that will stick with him till you die you cant be funnier crying about him crying! LOL this is just too funny!

      This was all about Cindy crying........... and you Cindy lovers are crying about him crying LOL i just dont get it! You love him way to much! maybe you should send him a valentines day card too while you at it! It's comming up you know! He would probably be your Valentine too!

    • do you understand what a "C" stands for?

      well let me tell you, you might have noticed a "C" on crosbys jersey, well that means CAPTAIN

      Ill say it one more time incase you missed it CAPTAIN, a little slower this time..

      C-A-P-T-A-I-N = The one player on the ice that is allowed to talk to the refs

      once again, a captains job is to talk to the refs

      a C-A-P-T-A-I-N, talks to refs, whats crosby? a captain? ooohhhh duuuuurrrrr hopefully that makes sense to you retards wishing you were crosby,

      BY THE WAY - the question was - Who complains the most after penalty calls

      question WAS NOT - who is a pussy

      complaining when the refs make a rediculously retarded call and being a pussy......uhhh 2 completely different things, and if you are not smart enough to acknowledge the differences, than you are not smart enough to comment on the matter, rub your only 2 brain cells together, maybe you can work up some more brain power.

      if you knew anything about hockey (which you obviously dont, proving so with your own comments) than you would know that crosby is far from the biggest pussy, let me fill you in on some hockey secrets that you could only learn by playing the sport itself,

      well when the best player on the ice (now the 2nd best behind MALKIN) than the other team puts out the BEST DEFENSEMEN, these "good defensemen" slash, cross-check, and do everything in their power to not let the best player in the league (crosby) to score, so he gets slashed and checked more than anyone else, making him not a pussy but a F UCKING BEAST BECAUSE HE STILL PUTS UP THOSE NUMBERS WILL D OUCHE BAGS LIKE YOU DRAPPED ALL OVER HIM, YA RETARD

      and another thing, DUPUIS DROPPED THE PUCK TO CROSBY DUMB A SS!!!!!!

      That means dupuis was in front of crosby and dropped it behind him, ALSO there were atleast 2 guys back on D, IF NOT 3 GUYS!!!

      are you seriously going to f ucking sit there and bitch about him not being a team player because of the FIRST AND ONLY TIME HE PUT IN AN OPEN NETTER THIS SEASON!?!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!?


      by the way CROSBY HAS 51 ASSISTS

      51!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKING TOOL

      HE HAS 51 ASSISTS, what fucking puck hog, selfish hockey player do you know, has 51 fucking assists in 53 games? huh? do you fucking know anyone like that? YOUR AN IDIOT

      fucking retards, stop being faggots

      Im so sick of fucking reading all you jealous ass bitches talking shit on crosby saying hes a pussy, well I just proved that all you are the fucking pussies

      stop making shit up on someone that you WISH YOU WERE

      crosby = better than your favorite player

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      • Whoa, who let Cindy's boyfriend in here?

        Actually, I played hockey for many years, and yes, Cindy is better than me AT HOCKEY, and better than you, too, for that matter. Cindy, however, is obviously far worse than me at being A MAN. When I hooked or slashed a guy and got caught, EVEN WHILE WEARING A C, I took my penalty like a man and went to the box without whining, because I knew I had done it, just the way Cindy knows when he does it (and we all KNOW when we've hooked or slashed a guy). The biggest problem with Cindy is that he feels a certain sense of entitlement to get away with it, and cries when the refs won't let him.

        Did you actually bother to read the blog by Frank D.? If you did, you would realize that it was written by a PENS FAN, who as a PENS FAN, feels "embarrassed" when Cindy does what all of us with any common sense see and realize. I love how all of you Cindy-defenders act like he is the only guy in the NHL to play with, as you guys like to put it, a defenseman "draped all over him." (And BTW, did you guys have a meeting or something to determine that this was the correct terminology to use in his defense, because you all use the same exact words). It's not like all the D-man in the league have a big conspiracy to only defend Cindy aggressively, while letting Ovie, Malkin, Semin, et. al., skate around freely and shoot and score at will. They are ALL subject to it...the difference is, the rest act like men and suck it up and play through it, like men. That's why Cindy is pretty much universally hated by players and fans alike who don't suckle at the teat of the "Face".

        Oh, and Cindy called for that pass from Dupuis, BTW.

        P.S. Nice language, too...that's always a help in constructing a well-founded argument. It makes you sound so intelligent.

      • he's still a cry baby, he's still a diver, he's still a pu55y.

        Im watching the game right now & they announced that Malkin has been motivating the team in the locker room. Can't wait til Malkin gets the C..... Oh wait.... Bettman wouldn't let the C be taken away from the face of hockey. That would be bad publicity!

        Also, crosby was repeatedly crosschecking samuelsson up against the boards then samuelsson finally turned around b/c he had enough & i think crosby sh!t himself! Entertaining. Malkins better than Crosby & i've been saying it since last year.

        Granted Crosby gets a ton of points, but he still needs to mature & stop crying.

        there's a difference between talking to the refs to argue a call on a teammate & crying when you get caught tripping (etc...) someone

    • This is from a blog by a Pens fan named Frank D. on a site called PensBurgh in response to the ESPN survey. However, unlike most delusional Crosby fans, Frank seems to have some sense:

      "Take your penalty and go to the box. I've been saying it all year. As much as it hurts to say, I find this hard to argue.

      It frustrates the hell out of me to see Penguins take a penalty. I get annoyed even more when it's Sid because now one of our top players is off the ice. But when he skates over to a ref, removes his mouth piece and starts flailing his arms around like he's on fire I lose my mind. We can't afford another two minutes. You hooked/slashed/tripped. I saw it. And while I hate to see you go to the box, take the penalty and shut up.

      Let me just say this isn't any sort of anti-Penguins sentiment. On the contrary I like to think I see the team for what they are and not just what black and gold goggles will allow. Any Pens fan who has watched any games this year (and last...and last(er?)) knows that Sid talks after practically every penalty. If I'm in the crowd, especially if at a visiting team's arena, I slouch down a bit in my seat.

      You're embarrassing me.

      Sid is a playmaker when he's on the ice. His passion for the game is right up there with some of the greats. His reaction after a goal, wince after a post hit and gritting teeth through pain are all signs of that. But when it comes to taking a penalty he really just has to tone it down. All he does is feed the critics, who in turn vote him as the league's biggest crybaby by an astounding 52% vote."

      I particularly like Frank as a Pens fan (which is rare), because he has the integrity and honesty to say, what the rest of us who aren't Pens/Crosby fans, already know:

      "one of our top players"

      Not, "our best player", or "the best player in hockey", but "one of our top players"...at least one Pens fan has enough common sense to realize that Crosby isn't even the best player on his own team, and that he should stop being a wuss, to boot.


    • and yet another person who wishes to be sid to or even to be sids friend. Gotta love all the haters around here, Why doesnt everyone just enjoy the game instead of being whiners yourself

    • Yeah...I'll take him on my team any day. And Dupuis passed him the puck. So where's the unselfish part in taking the shot? It's not like he had any open teammates to pass to anyway.

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