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  • Iggy Iggy Feb 5, 2009 6:48 PM Flag

    Four Defensemen?

    This is my first season playing. Do I really need four defensemen? If so why?

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    • No, if he doesn't play, you get no games counted against you. He actually has to skate in a game for it to count as a game played.

    • new this year too and did not know that about max games....

      i am +28C, +20LW, +2RW, -37D and -9G.

      should i start looking at opposing goalies and possibly not start a center or LW if the goalie is that good to save up games spots for a lesser opposing goalie? drop a center for another d man to try and get closer to 0 or thereabouts?


    • I suggest pasting this link in your browser and letting your ears take it all in.


    • Last question: If a player is in your rotation but his team isn't playing that day does it still count against your games played? Does a player have to have BN next to his name not to be counted?

    • So you really do try and play up each catagory like PIM, +/-, SOG. I just started looking at that stuff last week. In fact I added Mike Commadore in place of Nick Kronwall to get more +/- and PIM. Thanks for all the input.

    • Because typically, players tend to play harder the closer they get to the playoffs and you want to be able to utilize them then.

      I just traded Sykora for Lecavalier straight up in a league to a guy who was already +57 at center because he had been rotating in Lecavalier, M. Richards, M. Koivu, and Tkachuk at center all season long because he didn't realize there was a max games played and had only 15 games left to play at C with four C's, and was carrying only 2 RW (forget who) and was only +3 at RW. Once he realized what he had done, swapping Sykora for Lecavalvier, as bad a trade as it would usually be, actually made sense for him, because he could get no more use out of most of his C's.

      So, now I have Datsyuk, Lecavalier, and Krejci at C. 3 good C's. But I'm not going to just rotate them. Datsyuk stays in always, and I'll never play Vinny and Krejci together, just use Krejci in the #2 slot when I want assists and +/- help, and use Vinny for G, PIM, SOG, and PPP help.

      Make any sense now?

    • How do you pass on possible points now when guys are playing well for who knows what later?

    • You don't get any more points later in the season, but once you hit 0 games at any position you get ZERO points out of both of those slots. For example, say I've got a team with 4 centers, and I rotate them them all in nightly depending on who's playing, I'm going to run out of games LONG before the season's over. The day I hit 0 games, it doesn't matter if I have Malkin and Crosby in, and they score 25G and 40A after I run out of games, my fantasy team gets 0G, 0A, because none of those points count anymore.

      Just a couple of seasons ago I was in 4th for most of the season with a very good team, because the 3 teams ahead of me were cycling in players a lot to try to keep up with each other. Eventually, they all started running out of games about a month before the season was over while I was pretty even in games played, so for the next 4 weeks, they all kept slipping down in the standings, while I kept amassing points. Guess who won...

    • In this league I'm still -15 in RW games. Defense I'm -96. Regarding +/- games played. In my first two leagues I'm over in games. Why is it important to have games available till the end of the season? Are you going to get more point later in teh season than earlier? I know this is another topic and I probably sound stupid but like I said, It's my first season. P.S. I'm in four rotisserie leagues and I'm in 5th 3rd, 3rd and 1st place.

    • Ryan Suter, Filip Kuba, Spacek & Robidas.

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