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  • Intelli Li Intelli Li Feb 2, 2009 12:28 AM Flag

    Best Hockey Team on Yahoo!

    Is there any way to see how your team compares to other top teams in yahoo hockey leagues?

    Now when I say top, I don't mean the people who made 900 player moves and have people in there line up that no one has ever heard of. I also don't mean the people who are in 6 person leagues. I also don't mean the people who had there friends trade them every all star in the league.

    I am in a 10 person league, I had a mediocre draft but have made sick trades and pick ups and wondered how my team compares to some of the others out there because I think I can compete with the best at this point. In a 12 category head to head league I just beat the second place person 9-1 and he has crosby, elias, datsyuk, kovalev, lundqvist, etc.

    My team is:

    m. Green (rediculous)

    bench:boyes, shanny, and briere on IR.

    Goalies are Backstrom, Thomas and Fernandez, Luongo, and roloson.

    Maybe its not the best team in yahoo, but as far as def and goalies go, I am confident I can beat anyone.

    I would love to compete against other great managers that fit the above criteria. I would like to see what kind of responses this gets. Next hockey season it would be cool to challenge some people who seem similar. Any interest? I would set a limit on player moves just so people don't get cute aka are dumb. Hell, I would do baseball as well but honestly I'm not as good. I always seem to find people that hit 15 less hr then the year before. haha.

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