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  • Commi Commi Jan 16, 2009 12:06 PM Flag

    Why the Leafs are Like the Vatacan

    1. Both have devout, illogical blind-faith followers that hope one day, they will be delivered to a higher place (in the Leafs case, the standings.)

    2. Both organizations have been linked to the molestation of young children.

    3. They both put their faith in a egomaniac, yet likeable, Messiah (Burke, Jesus) who they hope will make them forget about how bad they were in the past, and show them the way to redemption.

    4. They both continue their futile seach for 'The Holy Grail'.

    5. They both have prominant figures that have turned on them (Sundin, Judas).

    6. Both organizations are led by a group of shadowy men lurking in the background, who's only concern is money and power.

    7. The Crucification of John Ferguson Jr. vs. The Crucifiction of Jesus Christ.

    8. Both feel that no matter what the orginization does, if you say something bad about it, you will go to hell.

    9. Both are afraid of new organizations dwindling their following, and will protect their territory even if it means others will suffer for it.

    10. They are both full of cr@p.

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    • Sabres - it must be lonely in your arena when the Leafs come to town.........all those Leaf sweaters in the crowd...and little old you with your SABRES whiffle-toy.


    • yo man religion is so stupid man, like, so many ppl are so stupid for following religion, like, whats up with that like...
      2.1billion Christians around the world...and that's just like one religion...there are so many, so that must mean there r so many more stupid ppl (this is called deductive logic). how can there be so may stupid people in the world, like how stupid can u be like science is the only way 2 kno stuff rite, like thats what they teach me in skool and if u cant see it concretely, like man so many stupid ppl.
      like all those ppl in 3rd world countries and stuf believe in all that mojo jojo like christianity and stuff, so dumb. they r ignorant, thank goodness i live in a country where they teach me real stuff and not this brainwash crap rite? i must be rite cause this is one of the most developed countries ever rite.

    • lol u got too much time on ur hands man, get a life

    • lol wow you leaf fans are truly pathetic. this is hilarious and the best you can come up with is "wow you can't spell i can only imagine you banging your cousin and listening to banjo music" lol you don't need to be a grammatical wizard to see or speak the truths in life. just like the catholics you can bash any "religion" but if you bash ours we will hurt you! both are ever so classy.

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      • Here is what is pathetic. YOU thinking that a fanasy hockey message board is the appropriate place to post an ignorant rant against any religion. YOU posting anything that even remotely supports the twisted thoughts of the individual that started this thread, who by the way lists "virgins and AK-47's" as his interests. This is not hilarious. You want to make fun of the Leafs, Go for it !!! They are dreadful. You want to bash religion, any religion, well then find the proper forum and have the courage to sign your name, don't hide behind a user ID.

    • hahahahaa LMAO! K I'm a leaf fan and i found that pretty funny boys! give you credit for coming up with that!

    • if you can't tell i'm a sabers fan. i hate the leafs. when i buy tickets its always in buffalo. i've only been to the ACC once and that was for a concert.

    • haha, who knew that hockey and religion were so closely linked. I'm a leaf fan, and for no other reason than thats' the way I'm brought up. Maybe the reason leaf fans are leaf fans is because...well, the GTA - for those of you who don't know is the "Greater Toronto Area" - which is the most populated part of Southern Ontario...and Southern Ontario equates for the vast majority of the Canadian population.
      Now it's a well known fact around the world that Canadiens are known for hockey.....so would it not only make sense taht in this area there is a higher concentration of hockey fans?
      Hockey fans who have families who have lived in this area with the only team around them to be the leafs to cheer for.
      So, as the population grows so does the fan base....and with the fan base comes ticket sales..and yadda yadda

      sure we follow, pay stupid prices, but that's because we are fans. Look at teams like Tampa...they won a cup a few years back, and now where are there fans....nowhere??

      Carolina, won a cup a few years back, last night half the stadium emptied in the 2nd period, are they fans?? nope.

      Florida, in the cup finals a buncha years ago, and now are pretty much paying their fans to come watch with some of the ticket deals they have on

      Anaheim, Phoenix, Carolina, Atlanta, LA, Nashville, ...........all teams who need cheerleaders in the rinks at the game because their fan base doesn't understand that hockey is a friggin wicked game.

      Toronto fans aren't only passionate about their team, they're passionate about the game, which is more than I can say for half the teams around the NHL right now.

      Say what you will, but I'm a Toronto fan, maybe a little disolusioned at the moment but hey, when they win...and they will...it'll just be that much more sweet.

    • im guessing your jewish??? or maybe muslim? such strong words for critical trucker...clever though.

    • I love the fact that you can't spell. I can only imagine you sitting in your double wide, banging your cousin and listening to banjo music.

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      • odd how when you put in the letter 'A' instead of the letter 'I' in a word like Vatican, where it really doesn't matter which it is anyways, people jump all over that.

        Tells you something about humanity really, sigh.

        and no, not jewish or muslim... that's a WHOLE other list!! Try atheist.

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