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  • Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Jan 13, 2009 8:33 PM Flag

    Huge hit my Thomas!

    Did anyone else see the sweet ass hit Thomas just put on A. kostitsyn! He came out of his goal about 3 or 4 feet and just laid 2 forearms into Kostitsyn! it was GREAT! lol

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    • i'm all for goalies throwing hits, but then it has to be a 2 way street....if you come out of that crease you're open game as well....goalies are over-protected...if they come out of the crease to handle the puck you should be able to hit them

    • I loved it. Standing up for a teammate like that was nice to see. He had to watch Kostitsyn run Ward into the boards after Ward had already hurt earlier in the play. Lucky for him the Bruins still ended up with a powerplay.

    • I've only seen the clip briefly, while on mute, and was on the phone - so maybe it wasn't as bad as what I thought it was, but if Thomas only got 2 for that, that's sickening. Kostitsyn gets 5 for Boarding, which was probably deserved (again - didn't really see that part of the highlights), but on top of what I assume was a roughing call against Thomas - he could have, and should have, been hit with unsportsmanlike, intent to injury, etc. I'd say dbl minor for sure, if not more.

      I hate it when goalies do stupid sh*t like that, because they're the first to pretend like they're shot if someone skates through their crease and they feel a breeze. Consequently, players don't expect anything like this, which could really cause an injury. Thomas should have left it up to a skater to act as enforcer - it's a cheap move on his part since players can't fight goalies (outside of Hextall or Emery). Fighting a goalie is like slapping a girl - even if she hits you first, it's not okay to hit back - which is why it's cheap of Thomas to do what he did.

    • mike- you seem like a very knowlegable guy and i see you on here alot! answer my drop antropov? thread on draft and trade

    • Typical Bruins. They always try to manhandle any opponent.

      Of course the refs will help them out by giving the 5 minute major to Kostitsyn, but only two for the blindside by Thomas. The refs in the big games always don't want to call too many penalties (or at least not when they count) against the canadiens opponent because of the years of people crying that the refs help the canadiens. This is especially true of any french canadian refs.

      The bruins may win this game but I can guarantee they will choke in the end like they always do, and montreal will be still playing while the bruins are golfing.


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