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    Malkin or Ovechkin

    Malkin OR Ovechkin.......you decide!?

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    • The best is when the Pens play the Caps. Those two look like they hate each other. It's great.

    • even if they had identical stats i'd go ovechkin

      center is the deepest position in the sport and you can get a decent center and a lights out LW, or a lights out center and a so-so LW

      easy choice, OV all the way

    • I'll go with ANZE!!!! IF the Kings picked up Alfredsson like they attempted in beginning of the post-lockout era. Dumb asses picked up Handzus and Nagy instead :P

      Kopitar is HELLA potential if he had someone on the team to look up to ... Puto

    • Ok aside from obvious Ovechkin Bias, let's look at the two players. If you need scoring, Ovechkin would be a great choice, if you need assists, Malkin is the better choice. That being said, malkin isn't the top point scorer for nothing. He's on a team with a better supporting cast than ovechkin. There's no doubting Ovechkin's skill and ability to score but on a fantasy standpoint, Malkin would be the better choice. On assists alone Malkin is on pace for 96 points. That's not including goals. Malkin is on pace for 32 goals and over 120 points on the season. Ovechkin on the other hand is on pace for another 50 goal season and nearly 110 points. It's hard to really decide between the two. If I were to make a team right now and choose who I'd centre my team around, i would choose ovechkin based on his performance and ability to rack up the points on a weak team. Given the choice on who to take in a pool, Malkin would be my choice. You can't deny the magic Crosby and Malkin have when on the same line. For all those who might think I'm a Penguins fan, I'm a sens fan. And let the flaming begin.

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      • wow - that's two for Malkin (kinda), and the rest of the known fantasy world for Ovechkin. "whatwhat" brings up the good point with the depth at C vs. depth at LW though, pool wise. What's more scary: the fact that there's only the two of us that agree, or the fact that we're both Sens fans? (I feel I may have just given the flamers more gas).

        The fact is that most people would veto a deal that traded PLAYER A with Malkin's points for PLAYER B with OV's points. But, it's hard to look beyond the name and the hype.

    • Ovie is the best in the world. Malkin is held back by Crosby though.

    • i dont think anybody matches up to ovi, except for maybe this week, but SOG is still amazin

    • Ovechkin.....malkin is sucing and so is crosby ........the only reason washington is so good is becuz of ovechkin!!

    • well - I'll go against everyone and say Malkin...depending on my team's needs of course.

      Ovechkin is a great player...and the most exciting in the NHL to watch. If I were the manager of a real team, I'd want him. BUT, fantasy-wise, I'd take Malkin. Malkin has 11 more points, a higher +/-, and more PPP. He has 10 less PIMs and about 2,500 less shots than Ovechkin. OV is ranked #1 because the rankings count everything equally (goal=assist=PIM=SOG=1 pt). Take his 265 shots away from him, and he's not ranked #1. Having said that, he'd probably be #2, behind Malkin.

      If you had Carter and Vanek on your team, you'd rather have Malkin. If you had Thornton on your team, you'd rather have OV. They're both great to have, and I'd love either one of them on my team, and depending on what my team needs were would dictate which I would want. In the meantime, I'll play devil's advocate and pick Malkin. OV is (not OVERrated, since he backs up his rating each and every week...unlike true overrated players at certain points of this season....I'm looking at you Dubinsky!), but OV is VERY highly regarded as being untouchable, or untradeable in the fantasy world; sometimes a little too much. I've seen some pretty ridiculus trades being turned down because of overvaluing OV.

    • OV doesn't get enough SOG

    • Ovechkin, no question

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