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  • Shaun Shaun Jan 6, 2009 4:43 PM Flag

    Quick question on max games...

    Searched, can't find anything concrete.

    Will dropping a C/RW for a Goalie lower my projections in both Center and Right Wing, while at the same time raising my Goalie projection?

    Seems ridiculous to me to do a max games allowed rule to stop streaming. Max roster moves/transactions per season or per week would make a lot more sense. It's frustrating trying to learn this without screwing up my team.

    Thanks for any help.

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    • Thanks for the advice Brian, I needed that. Much appreciated.

    • Roy has been hot, but maybe you can package him with Setoguchi to get a better C. Kreijci is a nice guy to plug in for some combination of 15 games or so down the stretch as your #2 to Roy or whoever you trade for. You certainly don't want Nathan Horton using up any more GP.

      Have Iggy at RW all the time, and add in Setoguchi (or if you trade him, Kovalev) for favourable matchups. Same with LW... Parise should always play, and only throw in Versteeg if the Hawks are likely to blow out the other team. Hell, you can basically keep Versteeg to split between RW/LW trade away the rest of the wingers except Iggy and Parise obviously.

      Your defense is pretty weak, and it would be ideal to get an upgrade for your #3 D to go along with Chara and Streit. Burns might be OK, but even though he's been playing as a forward this year he still isn't putting up very good numbers. Probably won't help that their offense had the nail put in it's coffin when Gaborik went down for the year. Maybe see if Phaneuf's owner has seen enough and is willing to let him go for cheap (some combo of Roy/Setoguchi/Kreijci/Kovalev ??).

      And the Goalie situation, well you know what to do... get as many GP while avoiding to raise your GAA/SV%. So pretty much start all the goalies for every game unless you have a bad feeling about a guy (namely LaBarbera) going up against Detroit/San Jose/Chicago/Boston. I've purposely benched Lundqvist for two games this year, and in those two games he gave up 13 goals. Sure, it sucks when you bench a goalie and he gets a win with only 1 goal allowed, but it more than makes up for the times when he gives up 8 goals and you WISH you'd benched him.

    • I laid down my roster on here a few posts back. If I were to play the "Best player at each position" style. Who would you trade for who? I already have Iginla rockin' RW and Parise rockin' LW. Also I think I'm good on goaltending. I guess I could use one stellar center. But who? I'm a Wings fan without any Wings, so I'd like to get Datsyuk... but I don't know if he's attainable without giving up too much... Thanks.

    • GUYS
      this isnt hard to figure out at all
      if you get to play each position 82 times then do the simple math behind it
      it doesnt matter how many C or RW or G whatever it is you got,
      its about how many times you actually play them in that position
      So for example
      if you got 4 Centres and only two C spots at 82 games a piece
      if every night you keep changing your lineup to play all your centres, then come seasons end that position will be over well before the season ends

      this is my strategy
      i put in my best player at each position and use him all 82 times at that position if possible, the only time i will sub someone in is if he get hurts or misses a game for some reason, besides that you dont wanna take games played away from your better players

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      • I've got it figured out now. I appreciate all the responses that were helpful without being condescending. I apologize to all of you who think I'm stupid, slow, retarded or whatever because I didn't understand how it was set up. This is the first time I've been in a league with a max games setting, so it was confusing at first. I thought it was just like every other sport/league I've ever been in that you just rotate in people who are playing each night. I'm still not totally in agreement with the reasoning behind why it's turned on in this league. Even with high projections finishing out, I still shouldn't have a problem maintaining the lead. Everyone else in the league is still doing the same thing I was, including the commish.

        The worst part is I've had to pick up some goalies to get that number closer to zero. When the 3 goalies I have, have got me leading in damn near all goalie categories. Here's my team:

        C Derek Roy
        C Nathan Horton
        LW Zach Parise
        LW Kris Versteeg
        RW Jerome Iginla
        RW Devin Setoguchi
        D Zdeno Chara
        D Mark Streit
        D Brent Burns
        D Braydon Coburn
        B Ryan Clowe
        B David Krejci
        B Alexei Kovalev

        G Henrik Lundqvist
        G Mikka Kiprusoff
        G Tim Thomas
        B Jason LaBarbera (Added to help G max games)
        B Jonas Hiller (Added to help G max games)
        IR Martin Brodeur

    • you're only supposed to play your starters, not your bench, if you want to make it even.

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      • The projection is based on how many games your players have touched the ice and what remains in the season. You only get 164 gms at each forward position. You probably have 2 goalies, you lose some games due to splitting time or injuries and that's why you're so low. You probably have 3 c,rw, lw & 5 d. If you have players that have dual eligibility that increases the problem. One thing to think of doing is to trade off top 10 forwards to bring in a top notch goalie. You are going to have to roll with 4-5 goalies to get back on track. Your forwards and d men are going to stop getting points 2 months b4 the season ends at the rate you're going.

    • The projection is based on your 82 game pace. Basically, if you are +4 prjected, it means that if you play your guys at that position at the normal 82 game pace for the rest of the season, you'll be +4 games at the end. basically to be on target you'd have to shave those 4 games of either by benching or a scratch, etc...

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      • How is it possible for me to have gotten 30 games over pace? I didn't overload on forwards... I've just played basically the team I've drafted. Everyone else in the league has done the same, yet some are negative in defensive spots. Other than that, I believe it will all equal out because I'm not the only one with that high of a projection. Second, third and forth place are all damn near the exact same as me, save one of them is shy on defense. Fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth are way out of contention. Two or three of them have stopped playing. All I've added since the start of the season was Krejci and Setoguchi. Why is there a punishment for playing your guys? The league commish doesn't even follow the rule he selected.

        Thanks for the responses everyone, sincerely appreciate the help.

    • not true that no matter what you do, the projection will remain the same. if you start benching skaters, your projected numbers will drop. likewise, play more starting goalies and your goalie projection will climb.

      but you might not see changes immediately, with unbalanced NHL scheduling (some teams have played more games than others).

      not a problem to be +10 in Jan., but +30, ouch. yep, you need to trade skaters for goalies. otherwise, somebody's gonna blow right past you in March.

    • I don't think so..that's all you get..use them or lose them. I think yahoo has done some math on where you should be if you plan on using them all up, based on where the season is. Not how many players you have have. Always nice to use them up on good starts!

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      • I guess I don't understand then why everyone isn't closer to the same projections. I'm around +30 at C, RW, & D. Around +20 at LW, and -20 at G.

        You're saying that maybe no matter what I do, those will stay the same? I'm having a hard time benching people and watching them do well. I'm in first place in this rotisserie league by 14 points, been ahead by 15-25 all season. Most everyone in the league is + on their forwards. Some have - on D, and everyone is - on there goalies.

        It sucks bad enough benching players with a lead. I can't imagine what it's like to have to bench players trying to come from behind.

        Thanks again.


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