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  • Eli Harris Eli Harris Jan 27, 2009 1:18 PM Flag

    Suggestions for 2009-2010 Season of Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey

    Great topic!

    2 things I'd like to see added. First revolves around stat categories, mainly the addition of Hits and Shots Blocked. That would be awesome.

    2nd, it would be awesome if we were able to personalize the front page of your league. With the addition of Keeper Leagues this year, I think making things a little more personal is the way to go!

    Love this system and love that it keeps getting better. I just hope it alwasy stay's free!!!

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    • I know its kind of a weird suggestion but somthing i'd like to see done is that instead of picking particular goalies, you pick a team and you get any goalie who plays for that team but it only counts as one G spot on your roster. For example: if someone would of drafted Brodeur at the beginning of the season they would also have Clemmenson and Weekes in that 1 roster spot that way that person would automatically have a replacement when Brodeur went down. It would also equal it out for goalies who split games. Especially right now because a lot of teams have moved to a 2 goalie system, unless you get an elite #1 goalie you lose out on a lot of points.

    • Hey can you tell me how to make a keeper league on Y! ?


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