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  • Nate Nate Jan 17, 2009 11:31 PM Flag

    Suggestions for 2009-2010 Season of Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey

    The ability to limit the max number of games per slot was not so much to eliminate the streaming of free agents as it is to make the pool more like managing a real hockey team where you only have 82 games in the schedule.

    I agree a DTD slot would be difficult and could lead to other problems like having a healthy player in a DTD/IR slot while your healthy rental is on a streak or something. (As I've seen happen).

    Another reason I'd like to see Head-to-Head leagues get a max games option is so you can use your bench as a place to store "cold streaks" and DTDs, not just to swap in and out whoever's playing tomorrow for those with the day off to get more games played than your opponent.

    With regards to the stats, hits were suggested, but take-aways that's new and very interesting, would have to be balanced out with give-aways as well. Great idea.
    Personally I wouldn't include them in my league, but who knows, maybe someone out there is looking for just that sort of thing.

    Thanks for contributing!


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