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  • Jay O Jay O Dec 27, 2008 8:05 PM Flag

    Tired of betting spam!!

    As per usual, Good Post Rigos.

    I have sent complaints in the manner described and received emails back from Yahoo. here is a copy of my most recent email complaint - feel free to use it's contents to assist you in forming your complaint.

    Yahoo please enforce your terms of service contract as this type of advertising is grossly inappropriate.

    In the past, after a petition yielded hundreds of signatures on two message boards, Yahoo did a tremendous job in limiting, filtering and removing the spam and further incidence of this stuff virtually ceased. Part of the enjoyment of Fantasy Sports is the ability to interact with fans all around the world who share a similar interest - it is what makes Yahoo the most viewed site in my day. But with the continuation of this constant barrage of spam noise, I might need to re-think if I want to continue to use the service next season.

    I am grateful for the free service provided by your company but at the same time can not abide by the trash that is making it increasingly difficult and un-enjoyable to use. As a frequent visitor and contributor to the boards I certainly recognize that there will always be some level of abuse, but this flagrant disregard is harmful not only to other users, especially minors, but also harmful to the reputation of the quality of services of Yahoo as a company - and it may even be argued potentially financially ruinous to Yahoo should it be proven that the company acted as a portal or gateway for those under the age of consent to engage in illegal activity. Parental blocks will not stop this type or re-directing. Please do not construe this as a threat on my part as it is only an observation in an increasingly litigious society.

    No doubt Yahoo's ability to derive and set revenue rates for advertising is directly attributed to the amount of traffic flow generated at the site, albeit the loss of just one individual may be small, but the loss of hundreds, if not thousands, would be significant - especially given the recent partnership with the NHL, such a mass exodus of all of the traffic derived from their Fantasy Sports league could be significant and ultimately detrimental to the relationship with the League.

    In closing, love the product and service, greatly dislike the abuse by a few self serving companies and individuals.

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