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  • Eric Eric Dec 24, 2008 2:31 AM Flag

    San Jose??? Cup?

    Can someone make the argument that San Jose has the depth to win the Cup? From what I've seen this year, I haven't seen a lot of 3rd line production and the second line has fallen off even with the return of Cheechoo (although this could be cause I have only seen 5 or 6 games this year). It seems to me that they are getting by with Thornton, Marleau, and Setoguchi line, crazy production from their defense (Blake and Boyle) and of course Nabokov. Now these are great things to have and it should take them far, but if they lack the depth (like i think they do) it will be hard to win it all.

    I could be off here, but I was just wondering if my assessment is accurate?

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    • Some guy a few posts up said that San Jose won't get past the Calgary Flames. Please, humor me some more.

    • that's just because you are SOOOO biased toward the flyers you probably predicted they would win the cup 2 years ago too

    • how about me??!!

      last year i predicted:

      Philly vs Pittsburgh
      Detroit vs Minnesota


      Philly vs Detroit

      that's wat i predicted

      and i was right almost

      this year, Flyers are going all the way, they will win the cup

      go Flyers!!!

    • What SJ has this year over prior years is a better coaching staff and better defenseman. Their blueline alone ranks tops in a few categories and yes, I do question their depth with the 1st line putting up huge numbers, arguably the best line in hockey right now.

      Cheechoo has gone through a never ending groin injury, so I don't know if he'll ever be at 100% Pavs, Michalek, and Clowe need to step it up but you also have to remember that as of now, Michalek, Roenick, and Mitchell are injured with several other players playing less than 80%. When they get those guys back, they should pick it up a notch. Also, the Sharks finally have their backup netminder in Boucher.

    • With Roenick and Mitchell back in the mix, those two add some depth. I think they've got a good shot at it and it depends on whether they want it enough.

    • Jenny-Mike Nguyen-Pham Jenny-Mike Nguyen-Pham Dec 26, 2008 12:27 PM Flag

      They got pass the Flames once but not a second time...its gonna be hard only cause of the Flames power this year. Tough

    • Bruins all the way guys. They have it all...

    • San Jose are playoff choke artists. They are very good at it and its going to happen again this year. The Bruins are this years Penguins of last year. I think they got everything in place to go to the finals however game one in the finals against the Red Wings is going to be too much for them to handle and for a second consecutive year the Red Wings win the cup. Thats something i hate to say but I think its the most logical breakdown of things.

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      • that is the worst argument i have ever heard, choke artists?? firstly 2 years ago the sharks were, as i pointed out, THE YOUNGEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!! it's kind of hard to win a STANLEY CUP when your team is so inexperienced.

        secondly you want to talk about choke artists? and use the wings as an opposite example?? THE WINGS WON THE PRESIDENT'S TROPHY THE LAST 4 YEARS (tied one year with buffalo) AND DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE FINALS UNTIL LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!! This included a presidents trophy where they got eliminated in the first round one year! That's called choking! and how many times before last year did we hear people talking about how datsyuk and zetterberg weren't able to lead their team in the playoffs? but guess what they gained experience and learned what it took to do it and finally did it last year.
        last year the sharks gained invalubale experience and were so close to making history by almost pushing that series to a gmae 7, plus they have added three amazing defensemen all who have had experience winning a cup
        but you guys can keep trying to come up with a real argument if you want

    • lol alex way to make a counter-argument against someone who posted a crappy argument and just ignore my arguments

      and how many times has any player led their team to a stanley cup before they had led their team to a stanely cup? just because he hasn't before doens't mean he can't/won't

    • ummm lol considering the fact that sanjoses second line pretty much all of 20+ points and they are doing all this without torrey mitchell who will give a huge boost to the PK and the 3rd line with his speed, you cant really say if they are going to win the cup or not but u can say that they have a good chance at doing it, you may say detroit blew them out well they were tired after a overtime game and u can say the same for detroit. Also the main difference i see with the sharks and the wings is the goaltending. Osgood wont cut it and conklin? lol lets just wait and see guys before we make assumptions.

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