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  • Florian Florian Dec 25, 2008 2:00 AM Flag

    San Jose??? Cup?

    I disagree, their top line obviously has scored alot, however their second line in Pavelski, Michalek, and Clowe/Cheechoo has produced very well for a second line. As for their third line, they dont produce that much, because they are an energy line, they play the kind of hockey that gets you back into games and keeps pressure in their zone for momentum. The fourth line right now consists of rookies, due to some injuries in Roenick, Mitchell, Michalek, and Cheechoo who was out for awhile. The sharks have a PP of 22.5% and a PK of 85.7 which is pretty darn good, and thinking that one of their best PK'ers has yet to play this year (mitchell). The sharks have everything they need to get to the Finals and win the cup. Great Top line, very good 2nd line, great energy/3rd line, good PK, good PP, great coach excellent goalie, and alot of veteran experience, what more do you need?

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