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  • Jesse Jesse Dec 24, 2008 10:14 PM Flag

    San Jose??? Cup?

    lol they didnt look overmatched and intimidated they looked exhausted and lacked energy and nabby had a terrible game, are you going to judge the sharks' season based on one game? because they dominated detroit the first time they played them this year, funny how you seem to have forgotten that game

    talk all you want about the sharks' playoff failures but all of you forget that just 2 years ago they were the youngest team in the league!! their defense has always been their biggest weakness and now it is aruguably the best defense core in the league

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    • you seem to have forgotten that the wings were coming off a west coast trip and just played anaheim who is way tougher than columbus and they lost 4-2.

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      • tougher? columbus worked their asses off in that game and the sharks still got 38 shots and when you get 38 shots and the goalie only lets in one goal it takes a toll on you

        but you're right both teams were the victim of a back to back game but they have 2 more games this year where neither has played the game before, but more importantly we will see what really happens if the wings manage to get out of the second round this year

    • Jesse you can have all the San Jose numbers you want but when it comes down to who I want to go to battle with in the playoffs I'll take Zetterberg or Datysuk over Joe T everytime. Thats why hes not in Boston(with agruably the worst hockey trade of all-time) but when it comes down to the tight checking and grabbing of playoff hockey Joe T disappears. Thats why SanJose wont win. Teams tend to follow the lead of there best players


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