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  • I don'd disagree with you in that the wings have more depth. You can't over-look, Clowe and Pavelski. The two have been really starting to heat up on the PP as well..

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    • first line is the arguably the best in the league right now and has combined for about 120 points. the second line has about 70 points with michalek, pavelski and clowe. they are one of the best second lines in the league. it's hard to compare points between lines in the nhl because the sharks are one of the few teams that have kept their top 2 lines the same all year (except for a few injuries), the sharks second line has been great all year except for recent injuries to pavelski and michalek.
      i guess you dont follow hockey so much so you don't realize that on hockey teams the top 6 forwards and bottom 6 forwards have different roles. top 6 forwards are supposed to score your goals, and the sharks' top 6 forwards have been easily getting that done all year with consistency. the bottom 6 are for defense and grinidng and energy. mike grier is one of the best and most underrated defensive forwards in the league. goc has been great at it this year too. torry mitchel hasnt even played a game yet and he is one of their better defensive forwards nad one of their faster players and will only make the team better and add more depth. its obvious what jodi shelley's role is. same with roenick's. plihal has been very good too this year.
      then with defense you might say the wings have better defense but this year the sharks d has been playing a lot better than the wings'. the sharks have 6 solid defensemen, whcih means thye have amazing depth. one of the best offensive dmen in the league boyle is also amazing defensively. vlasic and ehrhoff have greatly improved and provide a lot of offene (vlasic was their best defenseman in the playoffs last year), blake has been amazing and lukowich and murray are solid defensive blueliners. blake, boyle and lukowich all add cup experience to the team. then there's nabokov one of the best tenders in the league backed up by a back up that the team has a lot of confidence in. that is called depth. 3 scoring lines never really works because there is not enough ice time for everyone to score. just look at when anaheim won; 2 solid scoring lines, an amazing chekcing line and an energy line. it's called canadian hockey.
      i'd like to see a real argument how the sharks wont win. because of the wings' experience? how far has experience got the last bunch of cup winners? 1st round exit, before that not even making the playoffs.
      this shark team is hungry, a lot hungrier than a team that just won a cup and knows that winning a cup takes A LOT out of you physically and mentally, not to mention that the wings' cup run last year was one of the most boring runs in history.

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      • I know that different lines have different roles, I'm not a f*cking moron. I've played the game. You seem to have forgotten that you need some help from everyone during the playoffs, which means depth. If you only get scoring from one line, teams will find a way to shut it down (heatly, spezza, alfredsson example here) and then your stuck cause no one else can produce. Plus the production coming from the defense won't sustain and I would love to hear your argument for that.


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