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    Trade opinion/tip

    I play in a H2H-league with 12 teams and with 9 scoring cat's (G, A, +/-, PPP, PIM, W, GAA, SV%, SHO) and as you'll se below my goalie corps are not of the same quality as the rest of my team.

    LW: P.Marleau, P.Elias, L.Eriksson (I had Morrow but had to drop him because of his long-term injury)

    RW: M.Havlat, Justin Williams, A.Hemsky, N.Antropov

    C: B.Little, P.Datsyuk, D.Langkow

    D: D.Phaneuf, S.Niedermayer, M-E.Vlasic, D.Keith

    G: C.Ward, P.Leclaire, D.Sabourin

    I am thinking of trading for a goalie with a guy that has five of them (Nabokov, Miller, Fleury, Tellqvist, Clemmensen). I am mostly interested in Nabokov or maybe Fleury and I wonder what you guys think about that. What compensation would be acceptable?

    My own thoughts: Havlat & Niedermayer for Nabokov
    or maybe Williams instead of Havlat? Maybe the same for Fleury, probably throw in one of my less established players with Niedermayer or Havlat or Williams?

    I am hesitant to trade away Marleau and Antropov because of their double eligibility and the fact that both have been producing good numbers. I've heard rumours that Antropov will get traded for younger talent which means he'll get more valuable in the fantasy playoffs...

    If you have a serious opinion or a good tip just post away! =)

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    • no way hes going to trade away a top goalie for havlat. He will need phaeuf at the minimum. You should be able to get clemenson cheap tho i doubt he likes him much.

    • Yeah good pick up on Marleau!

    • Yeah but Brassard I only use if I have a center position open that night. Otherwise it is usually Toews/Richards. Quincey I just picked up tonight--dropped Ballard-- also so he's done nothing for me yet. There are some FA's in my league that shouldn't be but I have no where to put them w/o dropping a stud so I'll let them sit.:-( Brassard is expendable now though. Thanks for the info!

    • It's my first year in a yahoo fantasy league (which explains my lack of good goalies) but I have a fairly good experience with hockey. There are two rookies in our league, me and another guy. And he has a 11 point lead right now. I'm 9th but it's only a 20 point difference between 12th (last) place and 2nd place. Only 15 pts between me and 2nd place.

    • It's a good team. But Brassard is not playing with Nash anymore which probably will se his stats go down. Backstrom is carrying you in the goalie department. I've had Ersberg but he's been so inconsistent. But I realized now that he's been better than Leclaire so I regret dropping him. And can you believe that someone dropped Marleau the first week in my league and I picked him up. The steal of the year so far =)

    • Yeah losing my 1st pick huts but I figure my FA pickups more than compensate for him. I'm new to fantasy hockey and my league, IMO doesn't pay attention very good to stats. Either that or I'm just getting very lucky.

    • Losing Brodeur is tough. Guess you feel like you gave up your 1st round pick.

      I hoped that Leclaire would perform like last year. But he got off to a horrendous start and so did my goalie stats. That is why I've lost some matchups 5-4 or 4-3 or something like that.
      PPP is no problem for me, 1st in my league. And top-3 in A. The only player category that has been a problem i goals but I've rebounded there lately. My goalies that are the weak link =/

    • Here's my team if your interested

      C Jonathan Toews
      (C Derick Brassard
      LW Andrei Kostitsyn
      LW Markus Naslund
      RW Devin Setoguchi
      RW Nikolai Zherdev
      D Dion Phaneuf
      D Rob Blake
      D Joe Corvo
      BN Mike Richards
      BN Keith Tkachuk
      BN Phil Kessel
      BN Kyle Quincey
      G Niklas Backstrom
      G Erik Ersberg
      BN Nikolai Khabibulin
      IR Martin Brodeur
      (NJ - G) IR

    • My biggest headache is goaltending. I lost Brodeur. I have Backstrom which is good but had to pick up Bulin (DTD) and Ersberg to replace Brodeur:-) .I'm in 1st though so I'm happy. My weakest link is PPP (2-4-2) so I can live with that.

    • I wish that I've been so lucky. Setoguchi was taken early in our league too. Blake was drafted though. I missed out on picking up Steve Mason when I had the chance. Boy do I regret that =/ Leclaire has been demoted to 2nd string now. I hope he'll get a shutout against the Ducks today and show Mason that he's still in the game ;)

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