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  • Kraven Lilboyes Kraven Lilboyes Dec 2, 2008 7:04 PM Flag

    Sean Avery

    Possibly the greatest player in history of NHL?

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    • Also, i do not agree with the league for suspending him... and can't stand the guy.

    • He's not great at all! He's doing his job as an inforcer and shows no class.
      But as for his position... he is doing what he was hired for...

    • Avery's suspension saved his life. You're right, it would have been an entertaining game, because 'Shrek' Phaneuf would have splattered Avery all over the ice.

    • He cant scores cant fight talk shit on his own players,,,, shit kariya probably would kick his ass the guy is dirty lil red wing and always will be ,,, come on boys he hurt about her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, play hockey or go home no drama,,,

    • i agree most entertaining

    • Avery's complete entertainment. Of course, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Jump over to YouTube and google Avery and check out his interview with that red headed Rachel chick on ESPN from a while back....he says something to the effect that Bettman is marketing this game all wrong(no *&%* sherlock), and he should be portraying Avery as the villain of the league. And IMO, the league should 100% be playing that angle.

    • ha, u wish.
      all he is, is aggression for his team.
      suspended right now anyway :P

    • Avery was probably sloppy 50th himself, what a friggin waste of skin

    • I knew I would find this discussion here...

      First of all, he is entertaining, but not the greatest, by any means... Second of all, IMO, The league (Betman) over reacted. A more suitable punishment would have been to let him play against Calgary. Keep in mind people, Sean did make some comments about Iginla not being much of an entertaining player, so he would have had targets on his back for several reasons. This might explain why he made those comments about his ex. Which brings me to my third point; the comments he made. Now, when I heard that he had made some crude/disgusting/obscene comments about his ex, I was really exited to hear what he had said, then when I heard his comments I was kind of disappointed. The media (in Canada) hyped this up to make it sound like he had gone of on a rant about his ex and Phaneuf using curse words and all that good stuff. All the guy said was something to the tune of sloppy-seconds. Now, I know it's a rude comment and all, but I was left thinking, "That's all?" Which brings me to my last point. I'm sure every guy in here, or at the very least most of you, have made some pretty fakked up comments about your ex-girlfriends at one point or another, that's just how we deal with these types of things. I know, I know, none of us said it in front of a TV camera, but still, this is the type of things most guys do, we joke about our ex's. Should he have done it publicly, No, was it funny, kind of, in a way, yes, would we all have loved to see him get slaughtered in Calgary, hell yes. The final point is that this is exactly what Avery expected and wanted to have happen. He didn't have to play against the Flames, yet he still gets all the media attention. Remember, there is no such thing as bad press...

    • Might be the biggest Jack Ass in the history of hockey

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