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  • Cole Cole Nov 10, 2008 8:24 PM Flag

    Should this get vetoed

    I am the commissioner of a 14 team H2H league which is 6 categories for goalies and 6 for scorers

    Team A gets

    Team B gets
    D Sedin
    C Ward

    Team A has awful goaltending and Defence and I have been told he proposed the trade. This is alot of firepower for a D man and a goalie but then again goalie stats are for half of the league and he has some other decent scorers.

    Should I allow this trade or is it way too lopsided?

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    • I assume that its at least a 12 team league with 15 player rosters.

      All you need to do is look at the points production of one player to decide if the trade is fair or not and that is Alex Ovechkin.

      After 12 games played so far this season Alex is currently on pace for 65 points. By comparison, last season after 12 games Alex the Great was on pace for 102 and ended with 112. In 2006, after 12 he was on pace for 95, ended with 92. And in his rookie year he was on pace for 82 ended with a whopping 106. So by in large pro-rating his current level of production is a fairly accurate way to measure and project his production over the balance of the season.

      But the most telling stat is his shot percentage, until this season, Alex has always averaged in the 0.115 range, this season he is less than half that. And he is also shooting the puck about 20 percent less. So in effect his production is about half as effective as seasons prior.

      If you judge this trade only on what a player has done "in the past" then perhaps it's worthy of a veto. If you judge it by the current state of the players involved and view it from the position of what a player will probably achieve given his current situation as opposed to what a player might achieve, then this trade is not worthy of a veto.

      Personally I think it's a terrible trade - but not so lop-sided that as a commish I would shoot it down. As you stated in your post, he badly needs D and a netminder and his desperation is reflected in this trade. It is also possible that after tendering numerous proposals, this may be the best deal he could muster. It basically comes down to Jokinen for Ward and Gange for Redden, not a great trade but given whats available....

      The only reason to veto this trade is if its a keeper or dynasty league, otherwise you should let it pass. And if you still feel it is worthy of a veto, then at least present the info to all of the GM's such as past performances vs projected performances and take a vote.

      By the way:
      Ovechkin: 65 points projected
      Nash: on pace for 60 points
      Jokinen: On pace for 100 (way to go Olli, nice rebound)
      Gange: 99 points if he stays healthy the entire year (but this is a bit of a hot streak)

      Sedin: 65 points
      Burnaby Joe: 75 points, give or take an injury
      Redden: 27 points, a 30% drop from last season
      Ward: Sadly looks to only get 25 wins in 60 starts this season, yikes what a drop off

    • I know where I'd cast my vote... veto.


    • Extremely lopsided, even if the other team 'needs' a goalie and D. For OV8, Olli, Nash and Gagne the team should be getting a top tier goalie like Giguere and a top D like Phaneuf in return. I would veto that trade.

    • Actually its fucked either way! If you give up Ovechkin you should get a top goalie in return (Luongo, Lundqvist, Fleury) Ovechkin is the number 1 or 2 pick in every league. Ward is not that good.

    • If it is Olli Jokinen that trade is pretty lopsided

    • very lop-sided...especially for ward & redden

    • thats what I thought as well, but redden is a top 10-20 D man. Sedin is a lock for 70+ points and Ward is playing alright and has no worries losing his starting job for a good team in carolina. And Sakic is right up there in every statistical category. I don't want to be a dick commissioner but I want to keep it fair for everyone who may feel they need upgrades that bad.

    • He should be able to get a better goalie than that. Maybe message this guy and tell him to look for a guy with 2 starters because he could get a top goalie for Ovie and nash alone

    • looks pretty shady to me


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